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How does Atkins compare with VLCD's (CD/LL/ETC)?


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Hi guys! I'm on Exante right now which is a TFR/VLCD diet & I'm having some problems due to ill health (I shouldn't really be on it right now since I'm on a lot of medication, but drastic times mean drastic measures & all that). I think that if my health keeps on deteriorating then I will have to move onto a diet that deals with actual food/live nutrients. I think having proper food in me would really help me both mentally & physically as a back-up. I'd like to continue dieting in a way that deals with ketosis though, I've found it effective for me, so Atkins kind of stuck out.

Has anyone here gone from being on a VLCD to Atkins & had success? I really want to keep losing as much as possible (I haven't lost many lb's but I've gone down plenty in clothes sizes!) & I'm worried about not being able to lose weight well if I start eating again. I'd really appreciate any advice at all! Thanks! C:
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Hey Millux.
Ive never done TFR before, but I must say I would speak to a medical professional before starting/changing your diet. You dont want to be getting worse?
Atkins Is amazing, the foods you can eat are all what put weight on me in the first place but minus the carbs.

Have a look around at the threads what are we eating today and recipe threads and most importantly 'so youre thiking of starting Atkins'
I know there are a few on here that have moved to Atkins from TFR/VLCD so Im sure they will be able to advise further :D

xx Cathy xx

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Hey Millux I'm moving across from Lipotrim at the moment. I decided last Thursday that it was starting to affect my health and I'd been planning to use Atkins to lose the last few pounds and maintain anyway so came over early.

I started eating Thursday one meal of Tuna mayo and salad, Friday I added a little more and had roughly 2 meals, then the next few days I've 3 meals and snacks but small portions and I built it up that way. You may see a slight increase as you adjust to having food in your system but it will level out and start dropping again. I was weighed last Tuesday at 182lbs, started eating Thursday, still dropped to about 179-180lbs but had heavier meal on Sunday so went back to 183lb but got weighed again today at 182lb so will be keeping an eye on the scales to see it start going back down.

Theres another guy on here Aaron who switched from LT and said he gained a little at first but then started going back down too and hes lost quite a bit since.

Hope this helps hun let me know how you get on x


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I came from LT to Atkins and I love Atkins! I have had a couple of slip ups, my most recent one being last weekend! Doh... but yeah, the losses are very similar I find :) and I just love the food you're allowed on Atkins, absolutely love eggs and meat, and its amazing to be able to squirt 'full fat' mayo on things and still lose :)
I used CD for a long time, on and off. I can honestly say that Atkins is the best 'diet' around. Losses are of course slower than on a VLCD but that would be the case with any 'normal food' diet.

Good luck and take care of yourself! Don't take risks with your precious health.


Slim for Summer!
Thanks everyone! I have a month left of my Exante packs so I'm going to continue on them until I've finished & slowly taper off of them that way, in the meantime I'm going to have a really good rummage about on Atkin's forums & have a go at it. C:
I can't advise you on this Millux, but I too would suggest that you see your Doctor, I wouldn't say Atkins though, just say healthy low carb. :)
hi there

I did Cambridge diet and lost 4 stone in about 4 months, unfortunately its maintenance for me thats the killer and I put it back on. I have struggled with Cambridge for about a year now and not had any success I think you have to be in the zone, personally I found it hard with a family including a toddler so I decided to pack it in, I couldnt really afford it either.

I did Atkins after I had my first daughter in 2002 and lost about 3-4 stone in 3-4 months so pretty much the same results as a VLCD. I did go to the gym at least once or twice a week though.

I started Atkins, the new version (was out in April) on Monday and I have found that I have to eat a lot more than I am used to and if I dont I feel tired and I need to keep my water intake up. Other than that I feel great and I am 3lb already in less than 3 days, long may it continue. I am taking vits also.

It feels very strange to be able to wander into the kitchen and take something out of the fridge and eat it (like a chicken leg or cucumber) etc when your mindset has been to make up powdered shakes and soups for months its quite a relief, I was always slightly ashamed of being on CD too, its not hard to see I am overweight but I was embarrassed to be on a "diet" with Atkins I just skip the bread/pastry and watch the carb load in the veggies.

Good luck with whatever you decide xx
I agree, that was a good post Barm.

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