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How does Dukan work?


Still Climbing That Hill!


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thanks for the links, is attack not just Atkins? What are peoples long term losses like? has anyone lost a fair amount of weight with Dukan? I have a lot to lose was thinking of starting this diet but not sure it just sounds like another word for atkins. Dont mean to offend anyone just my opinion :confused:
its a lot lower fat than atkins. on dukan fat is not encouraged. and veg is only allowed on certain days. have you had a look at the official website? there is a calculator on there that tells you how long it should take for you to loose the weight and how long you should be in each phase. i cant post links atm so just seach dukan diet in google.
I'm way ahead of target on my weight loss and have lost over 3 stone in 3 months. 45lbs in 3 months and 2 weeks to be exact =]
as a member of the forum who has done atkins, i can safely say that dukan is a lot healthier and better for me, i have been doing it 8 days now and i feel really healthy and have lost 7lbs.

so i think this diet is deffo my preferred one

you should give it a shot


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there Petal,

I've been coached on the French site (rather unsuccessfully I should add, but that was my fault not theirs). As I've been fiddling with this diet for almost three years now, yes I've seen people lose staggering amounts of weight with the diet.

The first phase you do but once, at the outset.
Phase two, Cruise is where most people are at as you stay there until you reach your TARGET... and that's where often people slip up.

Reaching one's target weight is certainly a memorable moment but, when you read the book, I think the doctor sums it all up rather well. That weight isn't "ours" yet... it's temporary... we have to then "consolidate". Many people (myself included, several times) find we lose the plot when we then are faced with "real food" and "freedom" again.

Hence, for "eaters", I'd strongly suggest looking into the whys and wherefores during Cruise, because by the time we get to target, if we've learned nothing (same goes for Atkins, LL, CD, Exante, and any other fast weight loss programme), it will go back on.

So, for me, the most CRUCIAL phase is Conso. Anja here is our first target member to reach Conso (well there was another, but she had problems too) and she's keeping us a diary keeping us abreast of her progress. So far so good...

But, with a large weight loss such you mention that you require, given that we need AT LEAST 10 days per kilo lost (5 days per lb lost) for reintroduction of carbs and fats, it's a long process... and many fall at one of the hurdles, if not the first.

Any other questions, feel free. I think the book is a good read, and very cheap too, and it explains the theory part better than we can. We can help with menus. We are encouraged to eat a certain quantity of oatbran each day (made into galettes, muffins, cakes, whatever) and this really helps too. I don't think Atkins allows it as it's too high in carbs. It helps with cholesterol issues too and fills you up!

But, if you don't like meat, fish, prawns, and you're not willing to do some cooking - cos most shop bought stuff is "tampered with" - it mightn't be for you...


Dukan Ancestor!!

just a quick follow-up to Jo's excellent post. Yes - I reached my target in just over two months - I 'only' had two stone to lose. But now I'm looking at another 4 months of dieting and carefully watching my food, even tough I have reached my target - that's till after Christmas. So definitely a long-term plan. Even if I don't have to count everything, there is now some weighing of food portions involved. And after that you need to stick to one Diet day a week, and of course you should not go back to your old eating habits but be re-educated to healthy eating!

Sorry this is short - got to rush to get DD from school....

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