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How does your environment act?

After loosing 16,5 kg in 6 weeks i get comments like:

- i think you should stop now, otherwise you get to thin (i'm still 20
kg overweighted but hee.......ok);

- don't throw your big clothes away otherwise you have to buy new
clothes when you get fat again
(this one is from my own mother);

- you can join the (christmas)lunch, one meal can do no harm
(from people i explained the diet too and who now i don't eat at all
and what the effect of doing so can be);

- i am sure that when you stop this diet you will gain all your weight
back because that always happens with a crash diet;

- this is not a good diet because it's bad for your health if you don't

- you can not live like this all your life
(from people i explained too what maintenance is and who know that
when i'm at goal, food will be added gradually);

- don't get too skinny because that doesn't look nice.

The comment that hurts me the most is: no comment. Those are the people who can obviously see that i look much better than 6 weeks ago but don't say a word about it.

All those (non) comments are from the people who made "jokes" about my overweight. So now and then there's a conversation about looks and weight and then someone had to place a comment about my overweight. I always laughed but deep inside it didn't feel funny at all.

Is it my big person people are afraid too loose? Are they afraid that i'll change in another person or that they have to "look up to me"?

I really don't know but one thing i know for sure. Yes, i am changing in another person. My outside changes and with that my type of clothes (more youth and sexy). The inside is changing too, i have more confidence in my self, i shine like a star, and through that it makes it easier for me to be the real me.

Sometimes i think we have all lived in our cocons too long. We're going to break out and become beautifull butterflies!

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Loving the Cambridge Diet
I think I can safely say that we have all had those comments, or no comment at all!

Goes with the territory!

Some folks are so used to seeing us as one size and when we shrink in size it throws them out of their comfort zone a little. Then they don't know what to say - half the time the stuff which comes out of their mouths is utter nonsense!

You do whatever you want to do, to get to the weight/size that you want to get to and blow the lot of them!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Incidentally, speaking of butterflies, I have decided that I am going to buy myself a diamond butterfly ring when I get to goal - that is what it feels like to me too - like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.

I have seen the ring I want! Have ordered it in readiness! Nothing like being prepared!

It is white gold with .70 of a carat of diamonds

It will be my symbol of emergence and will be a constant reminder when I want to eat those things I ought not to!

How nice, i think it's so symbolic. A butterfly is such a beautiful wonder of nature with all the colours and the freedom to go where it wants.

Ive heard these comments too Botozo, and you are right, its the people who say nothing that cause the most upset. After losing 4 stone I had lots of people saying dont lose any more ... blah blah ( I am still obese FFS) But my one sister has never said a word. I think shes still waiting for me to pile it all on again so she can say told you so.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
This is my Six Stone Loss Reward - it arrived from the USA today - a silver and marcasite necklace - it is so twinkly and sparkly in real life!



Loving the Cambridge Diet
How nice, i think it's so symbolic. A butterfly is such a beautiful wonder of nature with all the colours and the freedom to go where it wants.

I have always had a thing about butterflies and have them on jewellery, bags, all sorts!

I have undergone a lot of changes in life in the last two years and it has sent me more into butterfly mode.
You sure know how to treat yourself :D

Your necklace is gorgeous. The ring is sublime!
How nice, i think it's so symbolic. A butterfly is such a beautiful wonder of nature with all the colours and the freedom to go where it wants.


I completely understand. When I lost 28Ibs (13Kgs) people (family) were telling me I lost too much eight and should stop. Even though I had another 39Kgs to go! My sisters are much slimmer than me yet I was told to stop.

Utter nonsense and I hate the interference.


Loving the Cambridge Diet

I think Im going to take a leaf out of your book STBG and start buying myself jewellery as I pass milestones. Its a great incentive to keep us on the straight and narrow and far better reward than any food.
It is great fun too!

Although I might find and buy the item for the next stone lost I don't wear the item until I have got to that marker!

I have had perfume and jewellery so far!

Have already got the reward for 7 stones but 8 stones is going to be some more perfume, I think!

For 9 stones I am going to wait until I go to Malta and buy something there.



please try again
the comments suck
i got "stop at 15 stone, you'll look good " as what? a beached whale? ( smaller one than now but still )

also now lost 2 stone 9lb, one woman said to me, you cant tell youve lost a thing
Yup, I know how this feels too. Ive lost five stone now (well 2 lbs off) and soooo many people haven't noticed, but even I can see a difference, so surely they must have seen.

Another thing I have had, which I bet i'm not the only one to experience is I was telling a friend what i'd lost and how quickly and she said "Oh you don't want to do it like that...this is the way you should be doing it" and then went on about eating less and exercising more. Yes I know all that - just because I'm fat, doesn't mean I'm stupid - but when you are the size I was its just not practical - losing a pound a week at weight watchers would take me over three years to get to goal. Why can't I just be allowed to get on with it. Its obviously working.

Sorry for the rant :D


please try again
lol i had one woman telling my that she had lost 1 stone in 4 years at ww, at that rate it would have taken me 56 years but i would have been slim for my coffin, lol

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