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How far is to far


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Was thinking tonight. when do you call it a day and start thinking of a normal life eating normally.

Ive lost so much over the last 6 months. do I stop now or do I continue going. I know that at the moment I look at my target and change it.

I know that my Ideal weight is not the ideal weight for my height and build. I dont want to stop (I think) but exactly when do you call it a day?
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Whatever you do, make sure to go through the plans properly, speak to your cdc.
Personally its your choice however you'll never have a better chance to lose even more so if you wanna stop purely because youve lost what you said you would but do feel like you can carry on then I think you should.
Well done and good look whatever you do. Youve lost so much weight already :)
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Its not about stopping because ive hit my target weight. its about returning to a normal way of life.

personally I think that I could go to 19 or even 18 stone. but every time i reach a goal, I think why not a extra stone. abosolutly I will go up the steps as I should. I think a couple more weeks and then I will come off SS and go on SS+.

I think that I will still loose weight moving up the levels anyway. just slower. which is fine. its all about maintaining once that happens

miss jelly tot

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I think you will know when you get there. You will be happy at where you are and want to start getting back to normal eating. I'm aiming for a normal BMI but know in myself I will be happy around 10.7 stone as it is the lowest I have been in 12 years. Just take it as it comes. As Badger says your CDC should be there to guide you. Good luck in your journey you have come so far already x


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S: 24st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 10st0lb(40.82%)
Try 1200, its pretty normal life but you still lose weight. Ive been on it a few weeks and dont feel like im really dieting any more.


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why not try maintaining your current weight for a while, see how you get on, then if you want to get rid of more come back on?


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G: 10st0lb

Just checked out your photos, and I can see why you're wondering... you're wonderfully arborical height means that you're no where near as overweight as a shorty like me would be at that weight... Have you checked out you BMI? (most search engines bring up several options that calculate your BMI for you, and talk you through what it means).

It'll be interesting to find out what your BMI is, compared with your recommended BMI range.. and then you can choose where you would like to fit on that scale.

All the best!



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my bmi is sitting at 32 and my bodyfat is at 21%. I think I will head for 18 Stone 7. that puts me in the overweight bracket just. hope to get close before I start to step up in a couple of weeks.

I think that it would be nice to say that im just overweight. dont think ive said that in a very very long time


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Just wanted to say well done on such a fantastic achievement so far, and good luck with the steps... as Badger says, it will reeducate your about food and you will still lose.


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