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How good is your CD counsellor!!

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Cambridge Diet Counsellor

We all know that CDC's are the face of the compay so it is only right for me to ask this here.

Its come to my attention that some of the Cambridge Diet Counsellors are working very hard to provide the help and support that all our clients need and expect from us CD counsellors.

Having said that, i have also heard that some counsellors do not provide enough support (dont weigh, dont meisure, dont give clients enough time, dont return calls and emails etc) and therefore giving CHWP the good counsellors a bad name

I was thinking maybe people using this diet should tell us of their experiences and how they find their counsellors!!

All responses welcome
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I would like to give mine an excellent reference.

she was v patient sympathetic thorough & inspiring when I went to see her 1st time,having been instantly likeable yet professional on the phone.

I see her roughly fortnightly on sunday mornings at a village hall in herefordshire where she has a drop in session.
she would happily see me 1to1 at her house if I wanted.

she has rung me at home a couple of times just to say hello & I know she'd be much more attentive if I was struggling.

Also when she has gone away she has told me to contact her if in trouble eventhough she was on a family trip.I've told her that that is a bit above & beyond the call of duty but she says she always likes to be available byphone...it's the way she works.

I've warned her that i'll be more time consuming when we get to the stages & maintainance & she said she was emigrating.no she said she's looking foreward to it.

when i asked her how much time she devotes to CD she said she'd seen 60 new clients in the previous 8 days:eek: .
I then thought...she's done well to remember my name let aone everything about me.

It's hardly surprising she's busy .
She doesn't photo me.Asked but I declined.Regret it now.
We've measured a few times but the numbers were confusing..couldn't standardise the places i spose.
weighs & records every time.

If yuo want her name I'll pm it .She doesn't come on here as far as I know & it would seem unfair to broadcast it without her say so, even though she has her details on the Cambridge site.

PS she's been a CDC for 3+yrs I think & has maintained her weight loss for all of this time (I think)

hope this is what you wanted


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thats great news Jane. Thanks for the lengthy post

All the best


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My cc is fantastic, he has supported me every ins of the way is a good listener and was willing to take me on knowing that i was an overweight mountain bike racer and it would be unusual and difficult. He had never experienced anyone like me before and with his help I have lost 3 stone. We have had to deal with each week as it came and the plans week by week to take into account the weekends when I was racing.
So if anyone needs a cc in Exeter Devon just pm me.:D :character00201:


i love minimins me :)
i am switching to a new cdc today

basically i dont feel my current cdc had any time for us ad was basically just selling the product, i would be a her house no longer than 5-10 mins and she didnt really describe anything to me, she works so can only see pple 3 nights o the week (which is fair enough) but she has now taken up a new hobby so there is only 1 day of the week on the evneing that we can see her, phone calls arenot answered and text messages take around 3days for a reply

i was weighed, but no measurements taken, no photos or nothing like that, last time i went her family were at having lunch at the kitchen table, so i felt like i was interupting and that the could hear my weight etc

so today i am off to meet a new cdc, she seems soo nice, and had emailed me afew times already, and she has een highly recommended :) she also said she will be taking measurements, wil update on new cdc soon



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My cdc is very good, i beleive she has been invoved with cambridge since the begining, as well as seeing her at my weigh in she rang twice in the first few days, and was very supportive when i had to stop this week, in particular with ideas on food. looking forward to speaking to her on monday and restarting CD on Thursday.



Can I just suggest that if anyone has a problem with their CDC the first place to take your complaint is to the CDC, then to Head Office. If you haven't done either of these things I'd suggest that posting negative stuff about your CDC on the Internet is a bit unfair.

Not directed at anyone at all, just concerned that while the OP means well a public Internet forum may not be the best avenue for negative feedback.


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I have a great Cdc, I spent a long time researching Cambridge before, i started, and then looked through the names available on the Cambridge contacts page:D now we have rather a lot of Councillors that cover my area, but decided on one, after the first phone call knew i got it right, she is great.

My first meeting she was well informed, gave me a pack with books and card, weighed and measured me, did not offer to take photo, but not sure i would have had it anyway!.

I saw her weekly to start with, she rang me once a week and sent me a text or email, so support fantastic. We now do every 2 weeks but keep in touch, and she even text me when she was on holiday! bless her.

I am now close to 3 stone lost with a stone to go, and know that, if i should have any problems i can contact her if i need.

My Councillor has lost 10 stone her self and is maintaining this loss, and know that when my diet journey has been done and maintaining, we will stay in touch. Would also like to say she is about the same age as one of my children, but felt no age barrier at all:D


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Well my cdc is brilliant, he always makes sure everything is going ok, when I go to his house to weigh in we also have at least a 45 min discussion on the diet and also weight related issues, I have never felt like a customer, only someone that is seeing someone for my weight problem, he is thorough open and honest and more importantly I feel that in these 13 weeks we have become friends not just client and counsellor !
now I am sure alot of you will know that Azar IS my counsellor, but I am not saying this to score points, its how I feel
thanks Azar !!
my cdc is a husband and wife team who have been cdcs for 22 years and not only are they good cdcs they become friends to people who contact them about cd thenthere is the big supprise he gives profit to a bristol charity ,THEY HELPED ME START A NEW LIFE !!


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My CDC is great too! She is absolutely lovely and always has time for a chat if I need it at our meeting. Only thing is she has never taken my measurements, and I am a bit gutted about that as I would like to know how much I am losing as an incentive- she always says dont be down if I havent lost much cos I have probably lost inches instead- but I never know this as she has never measured to see! This is the only downside I can think of, other than that I have nothing but positive things to say about her! xx


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This thread has been locked by the Administration of MiniMins as we do not feel that this discussion is appropriate due to the limitations of the right of reply for CDC's who may not read our site.

If anyone has a complaint about their CDC they should first and foremost contact Cambridge Diet and they will deal with your issues appropriately.

Regards MiniMins Administration.
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