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How good is Zumba for weight loss??


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I do zumba on the wii..im one of those ppl with very little sense of rhythm and timing so its safer for me at home. Been doing an hour each day so far - love it!
think I am one of those people too - much safer for others if i do it at home!


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Was at a festival with the kids today and they had this free 2 hour zumba session,it was my first time seeing it really and it looked great- people of all shapes and sizes were doing it. Will def give it a go.


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I haven't been able to get to my classes for a while now :( So I'm going to get my self organized and start doing my DVD's at home :)
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I brought the DVD set from QVC a couple of months ago, it is a fantastic work out as each of the people taking part is working at a different level, so it really does work for everyone!
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here are some tips for getting more out of your zumba sessions each week.

the higher you move your arms the more cals you burn
the more you move around the more cals you burn
the more you shake your thing the more cals you burn
the more you lift your legs the more cals your burn......

etc etc etc

make the moves bigger and you will sweat more, tone more and loose more! i love sweating and feel like i've not worked out if i haven't had a good sweat.

another health advice....... never just stop moving! keep moving even if you feel like you can't go on.... by that i mean take it down to a low march.... keep your legs moving until your HR has lowered. just stopping and sitting down can be very dangerous. the instructor should never stop the music, you should grab a drink when you need one. (all covered in zumba training). it should feel like one big party!


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I have to say you'd have to go along way to beat my instructor Alison :)

Very professional, and great fun :D


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I love Zumba :bliss:I go three times a week and it makes me smile all the way through. Our class is normally very full and at times this has been a pain as you cannot move as you are meant too but I figure any movement is better than no movement!
I recomend Zumba to everyone whatever form it takes, Wii or DVD.....do it!
To get an accurate weight of yourself weigh yourself weekly on the same day/time if u weigh day to day ur unlikely to get an accurate reading as your body Chavez in weight by up to 2.5lb a day!!xx
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I've only been doing zumba for about a month with an average of 2 sessions a week (my life is a bit chaotic with social events at the moment) and I've already noticed some slight slimming from my trousers not actually cause a mini-muffin-top. I'd really like to go for 3 or more a week though especially as the session that is just across the road from my house also incorporates a separate stretch and tone session after the dancing :)

If I can't get to zumba though, I tend to work through the basics DVD and still end up sweating!!

I think with a longer time, it'll deffo be worth it!


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I've just bought Zimbabwe for Wii but haven't used it yet. Is it any good or should I exchange it for a different Wii exercise game?
Ailly it is very good I go to a class one day a week and do wii zumba once a week also,it's fun and does give u a good workout!!deffo need o jump strait in shower after doing it!!my 2 year old loves copying me with the moves too lol


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That's great. I thought it would be something I would enjoy, but would also like for it to help with the weightloss too! About how Kong do you do each Wii session for?

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Sorry was supposed to read long not Kong!

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Ive lost loads of inches and also toned up too. Its so much fun n i normally hate exercise! If i had the confidence i would train too become a instructor!!! Who knows once ive lost weight maybe i will!!! xxx
Hi Kelz,

If you're on slimming world, I've set up a 6 month zumba/weight loss challenge. You can find it here http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-teams/212812-team-zumba-six-month-challenge.html

My mum doesn't diet (she's dead skinny anyway!) but she's being doing zumba a month and lost a couple of lbs. So that's coming from someone whose got nothing to lose :)

The general recommendation is to do it twice a week or more in order to actually see weight loss results.

Hope you fall as in love with it as I have :)
Ooh Id fallen off the Slimmingworld wagon & loving zumba so this is a great one for me. Thanks


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I have the dvds i borrowed of my sister to try them out and i WILL be buying my own set, i love it i only started yesterday so i have some time till i notice a change but ill get there with doing ww too. Im very excited for the change.x

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