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how happy are you today?

i'm very excited having found out that branston pickle is only 1 syn per tbsp... that means using healthy extras i can have a cheese n pickle sarnie made with wholemeal bread for 1 syn... rock on!!!

what's made you happy today? equally if you need to have a moan then do... ;)

Kat x
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hmm, I am very pleased with myself for doing my run again :)

but I work with a bunch of muppets who are doing my head in and it's warm out and I want to run off and be outside! LOL Roll on friday!

ooh and I was glad to see Bumpy's menu suggestion for a meringue nest with a mullerlight and fruit is only 3 syns, eton mess here I come!


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I feel like I'm totally back on it now and that makes me happy


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I'll tell you tonight after WI how happy I am he he! xxx
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I'm happy today. After my small 1/2lb gain last night, I'm definately back on track. Just been to tesco's and bought, red, yellow and red peppers, courgettes, onions, smoked garlic, fancy mushrooms and quark. Going to make a gorgeous veggie lasagna for dinner tonight and cant wait !

Now if I can only persuade myself to be seen in "semi-public" in a bathing suit and go to aqua aerobics tonight at the gym I'll be even happier :eek:
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Yeh the fun part is why I'm keen to go. Whats holding me back is the thought of people looking out for the Japanese trawler following me as I dart from the changing room to the pool :eek:


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Aw don't be daft! No one will be looking, I was really self conscious the first time I went but no one stared or even cared what I looked like! Just go and enjoy yourself x
its seems we're all feeling fairly positive today which is great to hear!

Time4action - don't let ANYONE knock you down. you should be proud of yourself for doing something about your weight and if anyone trys to make you feel bad then just ignore them - it can be really hard and anyone who makes you feel bad is just shallow! now go do aqua aerobics and enjoy it!

Rainbow - i do hope your day's happiness is not resting on your WI. i'm sure you've done well but please don't let yourself get down about it!

steph - sorry to hear about your day at work, still it should make you run faster or longer, one of the two. then you'll really be able to enjoy your eton mess.

KEEP IT UP EVERYONE!!! Ooohh i feel like a personal trainer, sorry about that - just trying to keep everyone's spirits up :>)
Funkykat cheer me up please!! Hehe. Had the most stressful all day meeting today, my head is pounding and I've got to be 150 miles away by 8.30am tomorrow morning. Arrrgh, so tired and don't want to get up at 5am.

Plan is out the window today, started well with porridge but then had a dreaded buffet lunch (2fingers sandwiches / melon / strawberries / crisps / cake)

I've just looked in the fridge and it's as empty as my head!!
Well done to you all it sounds like your having a great day.

Ive had a good day been up the park with a good friend, nice to catch up. Been with my kids and potted some plants in my new garden yay!
Ruthy xxx
louise - sorry hun only just seen your message, you may have gone to bed now.

sorry to hear that you're having a bit of a testing day. challenging times make us stronger. you can make it through this!!! and it'll be the weekend after your long day (and hopefully that means a day off to rest and recover)

you've got a few options for lunch tomorrow in the fruit... can you pick something syn free/low syn up at a tescos metro that you can munch at lunchtime?

keep strong and maybe think of a little treat to reward yourself for getting through.

take care hun and let us know how you get on!!! :)

RUTHY - very proud of you getting round the park and getting out in the garden with your little ones, can i book you to sort my back yard out??? ;)

I am happy and pleased with myself - verging on smug! The reason is I am not hungry and have had nothing to eat after my evening meal. Which is a miracle because night times are always the worst for me. This is my third day and I am feeling really positive, I have even got my savoury rice ready for lunch tomorrow. Today I have had:

pasta and cous cous salad
quorn spag bol
And most importantly
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Im am starting to enjoy gardening........bearing in mind i have been waiting for this for 4 yrs!!!!

Ima loving it!

Who fancies a low syn bbq Over mine in the summer????

Jesus! im 29 and potting plants...........am i mellowing in my old age 30 next month..........oh sweet jesus i feel sick!

Ruthy xxx


wannabe yummy mummy
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LOL Ruth - its downhill from here :D (just messing!)
you make me laugh ruthy :crazy:

is turny 30 so bad? i'll leave you try it first and let me know i'm right behind you as big 30 in June... that's part of the reason why i'm doing this, if i can't slim down by 30 chances are i never will.

potting plants is fun, then you garden will look lovely for all those syn free bbqs over the summer. you don't sound like you're over the hill quite yet hun ;)

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