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  1. fatmum0v3

    fatmum0v3 Member

    Jeeez no that was a challenge in it's self!!! Even tho it's day 1 iv just throw away my kids left over out (which I would usually finish)!! Although I didn't want to eat them it's just habit, I went to sink n go a glass ov water n drank it like iv never seen it before lol n looked at my kids n tho yey iv done the rite thing n put it in the left overs in the bin!!!
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  3. binnybee3

    binnybee3 Well-Known Member

    Good job!! x
  4. uklady

    uklady Well-Known Member

    hey well done you! I had the soup tonight in a real bowl with a real spoon haha It wasn't bad at all! :D :D
  5. fatmum0v3

    fatmum0v3 Member

    Thank u ladies!!!

    She never gave me soup she put me off it!!!
  6. uklady

    uklady Well-Known Member

    What did she say to put you off it?! I think it's a shame when people pass on their opinion when it's up to you to decide. I honestly liked it :) I get mine from Weldricks and she said I could change any that I dont like. If you find you're not too keen on something, I would get them to change it for something you do like xx
  7. cinematic

    cinematic Well-Known Member

    Well done! Once you're in ketosis you won't even be tempted by the kids' food, I promise!
    My pharmacist said the soup was horrible and gave me some to try on the first week but said I could come in and change it if I didn't like it. She kept going on about how disgusting it was but I really like it! It seems to be half the people love it and half hate it - ask for a couple next week and at least give it a go sure! x
  8. 99hardid

    99hardid Active Member

    The soups nice as it feels like your having a proper meal in my opinion!
  9. Carolc

    Carolc Well-Known Member

    I realise how much I picked at food now I am on LT, when making the tea, when clearing the plates, when opening the fridge, when having a cup of tea, the list is endless!!!

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