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How has everyone survived the easter weekend?

Hi Everyone,

was just wondering if anyone else had as tough a weekend as me! i had to give all my easter eggs to my boyfriend to eat as i couldn't deal with seeing them lying around the house!
i went out for a few "drinks" (water in my case) with some friends and while i wasn't tempted to have a drink, i found it really difficult to stop thinking about the post-pub food i'd usually have! so i ended up leaving early, how boring. doesnt help that some of the people i was out with weren't supportive at all and i had the usual "its not good for you" "just eat better" rubbish

anyway. how was everyone else's weekend? did everyone manage to say No to easter eggs?
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Hi i wouldn't say unfriendly forum hun just a very quiet board.!

But if you hop onto the main forum it's always buzzing.x

yep i had 1 egg all to myself lol x


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Hi hun, I have moved this out of the 100% area, into the general area where you are likely to get more response x

Well done on resisting those eggs xx


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hey rondarollo well i did resist although i did go around smelling all the easter eggs might have had a lick or 2:D:D

well done to you for only having water out with your friends i would have avoided going out altogether especially when it comes to alcohol lol


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Hi RR, I do think this board has changed quite a bit since I was here last in 2006. I find I talk to myself on here a lot this time round (bit like home really), and I do miss the full-on support that there used to be, but people move on, friendship groups change, etc, so I ain't going to fret about it too much!

Anyway, I'm well impressed that you resisted drinks at t'pub and after-pub grub too! I'm not so sure I could have (I might have had to have a sneaky G&T). I was given just 2 small maltesers eggs for Easter which I have left on the mantlepiece as my visual devils that I must overcome daily. It's bloody hard, but while they are still there I know that I am stronger than chocolate. Barmy logic, I know, but it works for me.

Stay around, RR, if only to keep me company ;)

Lesley x
wow well done on resisting all that temptation , and tell those 'friends' that it is none of their business how you loose weight .. if they are concerned they should research the diet before they comment ....
This is a fairly quiet board at times , but not unfriendly .. most people are great and you will get replies if you give people a chance :)

I had a planned weekend off for easter .. after 23 weeks on TFR I feel I deserve a few breaks now and again now .... I enjoyed lots of chocolate and even enjoyed shredded wheat more than I ever thought possible .. now I am on day 3 of restart trying to get back into ketosis and hopefully nearly there !!!!

Hope you carry on the good work :)



please try again
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hey hun, well done on resiting on your night out
as for the friends, just let it wash over you, they will soon change thier tune when your at goal and out and about in your cute outfits

no eggs here, bought em for my wee one and for him and they keep them on top of the kitchen cupboards where i cant reach em cos im a short ass
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Didn't have any problems and had a chocolate free weekend, other than chocolate mint shakes have no desire for anything else. Day 4 and ketosis must have set in!!


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I went out and had half a rack of ribs and chicken goujons. I had a sparkling water with that and salad instead of chips. Then lost just 1lb. Bum. And this forum is nowhere near as busy as it used to be when I started back in 2006!! :D xx


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No problems here either :) didn't do much really and just had me choc mint shakes :) I got given a gold Lindt choc bunny and a large Lindor egg but they're sat on my shelf and will stay there until I'm nearer goal and will have it then, but I'll be waiting a while yet lol xx


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nobody bought me an egg...! Cos they know I am on a diet was there excuse!! I was like yes but if you bought me one I would have been able to eat it, i cant really justify going and buying one myself! Gutted!


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I would say the board can get quiet wouldnt say unfriendly tho.
I struggled to be honest, with the chocolate, i didnt have any tho but still it was still tough