How have your bodies been affected?


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Hi again All,

Just again trying to go into this eyed glued open!

Just wondering how your bodies (apart from getting smaller) were affected during the LL experience! I realise it is different for all of us, but I still thought it would be good to have an idea for what to expect.

I'm not in this for complete vanity reasons, but to look and feel good about myself is one of them. And i'm pretty sure a lot of people will feel the same.

I think it might be nice for those that have experienced it to share both the good and the bad they have experienced.

And also, tips to combat against the negative and make best use of positives!

eg. Rapid weight loss = a lot of loose, sagging skin. Is this as bad as those against VLCD can claim? Do certain creams help?

eg. Should someone embarking on this expect to go down bust "cup sizes" with their dress sizes. (I'm particularly interested in how peoples busts have changed...I've always been the one with "big boobs" and this will be possible the strangest adjustment!!!)

Yes, we're all different - but I feel your experiences of this could be benificial for myself and others starting.

*phew* - I really need to learn to cut down my posts a little!
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Hi EmVeg

I was on CD rather than LL but same principle.

Biggest effect on the body was lots of weight lost, rapid dropping of clothes sizes which meant I'd buy new trousers and a few weeks later they would be too big (LOL) so I definately recommend shopping in cheap clothes shops during your journey.

I did have/ do have loose skin which doesn't looks great - people recommend bio oil which I have to say I haven't used religiously but can't imagine it would have made that much difference given how much sagging skin I have got but everyone is different and you may be one of the lucky ones.

I always lose weight off my boobs as soon as i start losing weight whatever the diet and CD was no different - going down in bra size quicker than clothes size ;-(

The only side effect I had which worried me a little was my periods stopped whilst I was ssing but they soon came back once i stopped and I'm now as regular as I ever was

The best piece of advise I can give you is for post LL - make sure you do the maintence program properly and introduce food gradually - i didn't I stopped CD one day and went on holiday the next - by the time I got back I'd put on 8lb (in my head I knew this wasn't real fat - like the first week weight lose isn't real fat) and couldn't get my head around losing it and I've gradually increased over the last couple of years.

So get your head around the diet and stick to it but during the journey get your head around the maintenance as well and what you will do once you are at goal weight

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Yeah - loose skin. THat's a bugger. I always ask people if they want the REAL truth, or a fluffy truth. If you want the fluffy truth: "Yeah - there is a bit of loose skin but I'd much rather have that then all the fat".

The real truth - "blippen heck theres a lot of skin left!!! Now that I am the size I could wear strappy tops - there's no way I'm gonna!!! I look 90!!!!!!!!!!!!"

BUT - they say that after a dramatic weight loss, it cantake up to a year for the skin to shrink back. As much as it will. I can't recall how much you wish to lose, but if you have a big loss like I did - there is going to be loose skin left over.

Truthfully - it foes get me down. BUT - saying that - I would much rather have the loose skin then the fat, so the fluffy truth is also a real truth.

I used bio oil, and other creams and as Lou said, I don;t know if it made any difference at all. I'd like to think it had, but honestly I believe a lot of those products to be "snake oil"....and belive only time and toning will make any difference. I intend to wait the year, and if need be, will have a bit of nip tuck at that time. I always lose weight first and fastest from my face, so loose skin presented itself quickly on my neck. That is the worst bit to me, because that is ALWAYS visible. But, it has already shrunk back a lot. So, have hope.

I don't have TOTM anymore, but know others schedules were all over the show. SOme having constant TOTM, and others not having them for weeks at a time.

Fortunately - I still got my boobs! Phew! THe girls are intact, if not a little slack - but they are still there. Who knew I had big boobs. I always thought it was just fat - but nope - they are still there!!! Yippeee!!!! :D

Everyone is different, but I experienced very little side effects. Constipation was the worst - so its essental to have your water, else it all turns to concrete inside. Not pleasant. I had a few rough incidents where I had slacked on water - plus was taking an extreme amount of pain pills periodically for a neck condition - and that constipates as well - so that was a bit of a mare on occassion. don;t let that water slack!! Its painful!

Thats all I can think of for me - I really was so lucky. I never got cold - not once. My breath was never ketosis-breath - believe me my husband would have told me if it was! And I have only experience a minimum amount of hair loss upon re-introducing food. SO maybe you will be lucky too!!

Don;t worry about your posts being long - it happens! ;)


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S: 13st9lb C: 8st2lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 5st7lb(40.31%)
Thank you both for the replies.

I think it's easy to get excited by LL and have blinkers, and then being disgruntled with certain results..BUT as the calendar girls from LL show, not everyone loses their bust and not every is left with "loosie skin".

I'm not horrendously bothered - but sometimes can get the old fairy lights in front of my eyes.. I just need to keep these things in mind.

Personally, I am pretty young so am hoping I have a little more chance of not getting large amounts of loose skin. I have four and a bit stone to go as well. Again, the only thing I was really worried about was the boobage! I've always had them so would hate to completely lose the pups!!

Still as you say, time and toning is all you can do, and what will happen with your body will happen!


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Hi Emveg... I can't write much cos I am running out the door - but I've been pretty lucky. I'm a bit 'wobbly' cos I've not been exercising, but all in all, my skin has shrunk back - and my boobs have gone from a 40DD to a 36DD so far - so in many ways my boobs look BIGGER! It's ace!!!

I'm 26, and was 16st4 before I started - now 12st9 - so that give you an idea of my shrinkage - gone from size 22 to 14 so far...

Hope that brief outline helps - but all in all - I'm happy... looking forward to working out to tighten myself up :) Without the duvet of fat wrapped around me, I might actually be able to see the results on my hard work - heaven forbid! :D

A x x


nearly there!! :)
hey hunni :)
ok im in middle of week 13 and have so far gone from 14st 1.5lb to 10st 10.5lb!! ive gone from a tightish size 16 to a VERY loose 12 and just about a 10!!
loose skin, im only getting a bit on my belly but at my heaviest i was 15st 12lb so between that and having a bab im expecting loose skin on my belly. :( lol!! im only starting to get back into exercise now though so cant complain!!

my boobs have gone from a tight 38 c to a loose 36 c but imho they have seriously shrunk!! where before they had a bit of volume to them they now are very light lol!!

other than that the only side effect im having is im SERIOUSLY coold all the time!! my toes go numb, and my fingers go blue, same with my lips!! but as its cold out as it is im just feeling it more than others!!

and in the last 2 weeks my bp has been dropping a little, but nothing to worry bout...hope that helps a piece :)


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So many questions - too much time waiting!!

Hi Em
As BL says. It's not all pink and fluffy, but for me the pros completely outweigh the cons.
I too had big boobs. I used to say to people I have become attached to them over the years. And I had..............but
they are much smaller now.
Basically your proprotions stay the same.You'll still be the same shape, just smaller.
The bonus in that department is that I can now buy pretty undies instead of scaffolding!
I had to have a bra fitting because I didn't have a clue!
Regarding saggy skin. I'm 54 and I've lost over 11 stone, so I have got loose skin which isn't gorgeous, but I haven't got an apron flapping about which I was worried might happen.
I look a million times better in clothes now. I'm sure i wasn't a pretty sight naked before, but wouldn't let anyone see anyway, even my OH.I may have been plumptious but the skin problem is much better than I expected.
I have decide NO WAY will I consider nips, tucks etc. and even at my age the skin is shrinking back quite well and quickly.
My health is 100% better, as well as my
self-esteem,confidence,relationships,job and everything else I can think of.........
Good news all round - not fluffy - no back handers from LL.
My life has completely changed for the better.A few wrinkly bits that can be covered up are a small price to pay.
Go for it - good luck xxxx:superwoman: