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How i needed that!

This morning on the way home from school i bumped into a neighbour and another friend who i've not seen for a few weeks.
They both said straight away 'Bl**dy hell, you've lost weight, especially off your face and your behind'.
I cannot tell you how much i needed that. It has really fired me back up again.
That is my first compliment outside of family and very close friends that i have had.
I know it's not that noticeable because i still have a lot more to lose but that has certainly inspired me to keep going more than ever :) xx
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So glad u got ur well deserved compliment hun, always better when "outsiders" notice cos its guaranteed they're not saying it to b nice,ha! Well done!

H x


Never Ever Give Up!
It's good to get compliments isn't it? I love it when people tell me I look fab :D:D:D
Ooh bless ya, bet it feels brilliant! x
Thanks all. This is week 5 and still to do a whole week 100% yet. I don't feel like totally giving up. I don't even want take-aways, fried food, cakes and biscuits. It's poxy crisps that are my vice. When i went to WI last week i had a look around Lidl where my chemist is and got the kids a box of 40 packets of crisps. The idea was that it was for their packed lunches for school for 4 weeks but i guess i underestimated my weakness. I will not be making that mistake again and just hope really for a STS this week and not put anything back on xx
Brilliant loss so far but try and break the crisp habit Kate, you may get away with it for a while but as you have less and less to lose you'll probably find that even the smallest cheat ******* up a whole weeks weight loss.

I didn't think that kids were allowed crisps at school any more? I thought that all schools had been 'Jamied'! My niece and nephews aren't allowed crisps, chocolate, cake or biscuits.....not even cheese and biscuit-type snacks......my sister gets a right rollicking if she gets it wrong:eek:
Thanks Sandra, i am giving it my all now and will def not be touching the crisps again.

I thought the same about the packed lunches but it's still the same as always at their school.
The only person who got pulled up on recent checks was a parent who filled their poor childs lunch box with sausage rolls, mini pasties and cakes :(
Mmmm sounds yummy to me!

I didn't like crisps when I was a kid or peanuts.......wish that was the case now:sigh:

Try picturing them in your mind covered in vomit or dog poo:eek:....can't remember what the process is called but it's supposed to put you off.....

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