How is everyone??


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Hey Guys

How are you all doing as the second week of the year moves along nicely.

Just think that by the time the second month of the year rolls around you'll be well on your way! :) My gosh, just thinking about that makes me realise how quickly the time is passing by :eek:

What is getting me through each day is this little exercise...

Put yourself at the end of Jan....having completed a whole month of your chosen do you feel? Look back on Jan and think about "is there anything that I would have done differently? probably...but am I glad that I stuck with it??" :D
Hiya Diva

So far so good .... fingers crossed don't want to jinx the ketosis fairy!!

Looking forward to end of January as we are away in Prague - and i want to be a stone lighter by then. 3lb down so far ... 11 to go!