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How is it possible??

Hi how is everyone today? I have a question which I hope you can help me with.

I am on week 6 of SS and have been 100% just having packs and water. For the last 12 days I havent lost any weight and cannot understand how this cqan be if I am only consuming the packs and water. I am dreading WI this week as last week my counselor just put it down to one of those things but this week if nothing comes off I am sure she will think I am lying and have been cheating (which I havent)

Please can anyone shed some light (and its not TOTM) I am on the verge of giving up and resorting to a more conventional diet.

Thanks in advance

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Hi - have you been measuring yourself too? Sometimes you can go through a phase of losing in inches but not in weight and then suddenly the weight loss kicks in again.
So - don't worry, be patient and your weight will go down again. Stay strong and you will have wonderful results and be so happy that you carried on!


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Are you drinking enough water? A lot of people find when they up their water intake the weight disappears, when I go through a lull I try and up my water intake to 3-4 ltrs. You know the diet works and you are probrably losing inches, it is best to measure to keep you motivated even when the scales don't seem to show a loss. Keep with it, this diet does work.


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PS... when I had a bad few weeks my CDC recommended SS+ or 810 to boost my metabolism, and I must say when I have these weeks, my weightloss in the following weeks is always good.
i think these phases are very common please stick with it. on my second week i only lost 2lb but deep down i know that was only because i used laxatives ++ day before (as my scales were saying nothing...sorry TMI) and then got weighed first thing in morning before having even one glass of water. As soon as i did i had put the 2lb back on on my own scales. am sure in reality i had lost nothing that week, but i really believes it sometimes takes time for your body to catch on and realise what it is doing and that it needs to start looking for fuel as this calorie intake is for real! it has to happen you will lose weight. Good luck try stay positive! xxx
It's not fair, is it? :) But as the others said, don't give up - and don't kid yourself that the weight would come off more quickly on a conventional diet - cos it won't! Chances are you'd have given up already if you were doing a different diet.

I don't know why some weeks you just don't lose weight even when you've been 100%, but I know it happens a lot. Scales lie! You're almost certainly losing fat but it's not showing up because for some reason you're retaining water. Eventually, your body will give up the water and all of a sudden, you'll see a big drop at the scales.

Keep the faith!
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Many thanks for all your positive replies. Today (mon) I got on the scales and have lost 3lb not as much as I hoped for 2 weeks but better than nothing so thanks again for all your reasurance. Made a very firm decision over the weekend to stop scale hopping and just weigh once a week and then maybe I can stop having these dramas (will be trying very hard).

Thanks again -hope you all have a good week.


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