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How is this possible? gained....

Please help. I have bee sticking 100%, I swear, to this. i feel great but have gained almost 2 lbs. I have been drinking loads of water, exercising, and it is not my monthly time. Im going on to my 4th week and have never never had this happen. My official WI isnt until next Tuesday and I know I should wait to see that result, but like I said, I weigh myself every morning and have never gained like this in 4 weeks. When i look at others profiles, I dont see gains. Why would this happen?:wave_cry::cry:Thanks to anyone who can help
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i shall say zis only once....


i'm afraid it's as simple as that really. weigh only once a week, on the same scales at the same time (as close as poss). you really can't judge on different scales on a different day.

so stay positive.


Here we go again!
Don't worry about it. I am an everyday weigher too (I know, I know) and 3 days after weigh in this week I was 3lbs up. I know by Saturday and my official weigh in it will right itself. I put on every week in between weigh ins.

Even though I am a serial weigher, it's only a habit and I don't take much notice of what the scales say though, don't know why I do it really.

Keep doing what you're doing, keep drinking the water and the weight will come off by official weigh in. Good luck.


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Firstly, relax and don't let it knock your motivation for the rest of the week.
I too weigh myself everyday and it is always going up and down.
I weighed on Monday and was 11st13, then was 12st2 on Tues, 12st1 yesterday at my official weigh in and this morning 12st2 again!
I think we just have to look at the bigger picture and, if we are going to keep weighing ourselves, don't put too much importance on the fluctuations.
I'm sure you will lose at your proper weigh in hun - don't panic. If you are sticking to this diet 100% it can't fail.
Keep up the good work x


Slowly but surely!
I tend to go up and down loads on my scales at home but dont pay much attention to them or id drive myself insane lol :) Wait and see what you weigh on Tuesday you may be suprised :) x
Don't take any notice to the scales at home, i weigh myself sometimes and my scales say im 7lb heavier than i know i am, but its great to step off them and stick me fingers up at them LOL
Dear Wellandgood, as the immortal Del Boy said, "Don't be a plonker...!!!" Everyone on here who weighs themselves at home ALL have the same problems about daily fluctuating weights and yes, it is very demoralising....Please do youself a BIG favour and as Emm said, Ditch the scales or you will up and down on an emotional roller-coaster for the duration of LT. Just get weighed ONCE on your weekly WI.........Be warned.


A little of everything!
I've said it before- 1 pint of water weighs 1.25lbs- remember that when you're weighing yourself after drinking all day!!
I can fluctuate up to 7lbs in a day, but I know it's all fluid!


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Dont worry about it, im another one that weigh's in between my proper weekly WI and i go up and down to, dont take any notice f them, u wll be fine!!! xxx:D


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I weigh myself most days to be honest but it's first thing in the morning.

My scales make me about 2lbs heavier than my official ones but I can cope with that !
just to add, i'm sure yo0u really will get a nice surprise on weigh in. if you follow this diet 100% and drink loads of water, there's just no way you can put weight on. please don't worry too much about it :)
As the others said your weight on a scales depends on so many factors
(1) what time of the day it is
(2) what you have drank beforehand
(3) what clothes /shoes you are wearing
(4) Hormones fluctuating
(5) bowel movements

All these things play a part every day in your weight so you can see weighing yourself every day and getting upset over it is a mugs game . I know we all love to hop on and be down but being up is just discourageing . Try to stick to your on WI a week .
Habits are something that are part of our life. We have good habits and bad habits. Bad habits produce the negative. Good habits produce the positive.

You are taking a negative from your habit today, so therefore you should stop weighing. If like me, you are a compulsive weigher, then you need to teach yourself that there are many reasons why that weight reading is showing higher today than yesterday. The body is a complex wonderful engine and there could be so many reasons why your weight has fluctuated. Its not necessarily a TOTM that most people put it down to, there are so many hundreds of different reasons why this could have happened.

You have stuck to your TFR, you are drinking your water, just take your reading with a pinch of salt and try to wait for your official weigh in.

Dont let this have a negative effect on you that could potentially cause more harm than good.

Forget it and get your OH to lock away those scales.
look lets face it 2lb you can flush away if you know what i mean trying to put it in a classy way so dont be dis hearted stop weighing your self thats what your weeking chemist visit is for and it makes you look forward to seeing the result so stop stressing and stop weighing you'll be fine you'll see xx
thanks to all who replied. It helps to know that others flucuate too. it is the first time it has happened so I needed to know what was happening. I will weigh myself less in the week (even though i have really expensive digital scales which always weigh same as chemist)

Thanks again guys. Your all very encouraging and I have no plans to give up.

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