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How I've found it 3 weeks in

Jus thought id share my experience with alli

First week i experienced no side effects at all but that was most likely due to me eating not much more than salad and fruit, i also went for a 30 minute jog 3 times as well as walking for at least half an hour every day. I was drinking about 2 litres of water a day as well as taking the multivitamins. I was shocked to see that i lost 8 pounds after just one week ( I weighed 10st 3 to start and was down to 9st 9) I was going on holiday the next day so i left the alli at home, my goal weight is 9st so at that rate of weight loss i didnt even think id use all my pills! As soon as i had eaten the first meal (burger king at the airport! obviously to celebrate) on holiday i felt awful. I had stomach cramps and a headache almost immediatley and spent the next day near to the toilet. Even though i had stopped taking the alli the side effects continued for another 3 days, but worse than that i gained all the weight back by the time i had got home.
After feeling shitty because of the weight gain (in one week eating reasonably well!) i decided to start the alli again even after the side effects.
The next couple of days were ok, i think the only side effect when your eating under the 15g of fat is feeling slighlty bloated and not at all energetic. I didnt do as well as the first week and cheated a couple of times mostly by snacking, and by the end of the week i had only gone jogging once and walked the half an hour about 5 days. I had lost 3 pounds and was now down to 10st which i was happy with.
The third week was much the same and i lost another 2 pounds which is good, and i think due to the alli. I have tried eating healthily and excersising without taking the alli but i just cant shift the weight, and i have found alli extremely helpful. The side effects can be bad and anyone who says they had a takeaway and not had any comeback must be lying because the way alli works is literally to get rid of the fat content, which is why its not advisible to eat a fatty meal then take one. I would reccomend alli if you find it hard to lose weight after you have hit a certain spot, platued. I would recommend lots of water and something which has really helped me is hot water and lemon when ive had the stomech cramps. I dont believe keeping a food diary as its hard to be completely honest with yourself, where as alli puts you off cheating because of the innevitable side effects. After you have gone over the fat allowance or had an unhealthy snack once or twice you will seriously consider it before doing it again.

If you have any questions ask away and i hope you found that helpful!

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thanks for the info! i've just started my fourth week on xenical (the double strength version of alli) and have had similar experiences. i've cheated a few times and had the odd takeaway or mcdonalds meal, and i've suffered from it. i now know it's just not worth it, and i'm feeling more positive now about sticking to the rules and hopefully shifting this weight for good!

good luck with losing the rest of the weight :) x
My Dr prescribed them for me and the only requirement was a BMI over 30. I do know that some Drs may also ask you to lose a little weight on your own first.
It isn't a magic pill, you need to follow a low fat diet. Weight loss wasn't massive but for me they did keep me on the straight and narrow with the possible side effects :rolleyes:
When you are counting calories do you count them all? I have just had a wrap for lunch & I counted every calorie, even the lettuce & tspn horseradish sauce. It came to 327 calories. WW don't count salad veg which accounted for 35 of mine. Am I being too fussy?


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It depends on how accurate you want to be and how long you can carry on counting everything.

I dont count calories just stick to the grams of fat recommended,but others count cals as well. Personally I wouldnt count the salad veg but its up to you really.

Thanks Vanda, it's just that the Alli 'instruction book' lol, says for my weight I can have 15gms fat per meal & 1400 calories per day. I suppose if I stick to the fat count the calories will be cut too. I'll skip the calorie count, Thanks again.


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Hope you get on ok with Alli. I like xenical cos I dont have to weigh and count everything. I did try Weightwatchers before but the thought of forever weighing everything was too depressing for me - who wants to weigh an apple? But it works for some people so like everything else its finding what suits.

Diets! I have tried most of them, I have lost weight a few years ago with WW but of course it went on again so for a long time I just gave up. To lose weight with WW I was allowed only 16pts. There has got to be a better way than that. Oh dear I have had more than my 45grams fat today, here's hoping... :)
Hi Lorna,

I've an appt at 12 today to get the mirena coil in, and I'm going to ask her for a prescription for Xenical while I'm there. Hopefully it wont be a problem as my BMI is well into the 30s. Like you I was reluctant to go on it while on the pill.

I have an apt w/my Dr next week. I want to be prescribed Xenical but don't know how to ask. My bmi is also in the 30s.
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Hi I am on my 1st week of lipobind which i have been told is similar to xenical and Ali. So far so good and no side effect xx

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