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How late do you eat and does it make a difference


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Good question because im only just getting down to my second meal and having chicken later on eeek


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Hi Ella, I'm a full-time carer so my sleeping and eating patterns can be pretty eratic! I usually end up eating very late at night once I've finished all the work and (hopefully) everything is quiet. That's my time to relax a bit if I get a chance. So my dinner can be anywhere from 10.30pm to 1am!

Doesn't seem to have impacted on my weight loss, so I'd say don't worry too much when you eat in the evening.


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Just to let you know it is a myth that eating late at night will affect your weigh loss, its about the AMOUNT of calories/food you consume in a 24 hour period, not WHEN you consume them :)

Natt xxx


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To true Natt....

I try not to eat after about 7.30 - 8.00pm, mainly because I don't like going to bed on a full stomach because I sometime's get heartburn or indigestion if I do.

It all depends on what kind of life style and working time's that the individual person has.

We are all so different.
I'm only just starting on my weight loss this time, but last time around I ate at any time of the day, sometimes big amounts of free food quite late and it never affected my weight loss. I lost over 4 stone in 10 months and never once put on weight.
Recently a friend said to me that she cannot lose weight, but its not what she eats but that she eats late at night. It really is just a myth, and people who say this are just kidding themselves.
You go ahead and have what you want when you want, as long as you stick to plan you'll be fine!


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All i tend to find is i don't sleep well if i eat too close to bed time (regardless of when bedtime is)


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Ah, but I find if I eat too early I wake up in the night ravenous!!
One of the things OH and I can never agree on, he likes his dinner by 7pm but I only usually get home at 6.30-7 so he has to wait...and if I go to the gym then he's sorting his own dinner! I usually get to eat around 8, like to finish by 9 so I don't have to prop myself up to sleep!


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i eat my cheese curls and hifi bar in bed lol,our leader says its better to eat late into the night because your metabolism is still working then
hey - lots of great advice already....but, just to add - it doesn't matter when you have those calories, it's the TOTAL number of calories consumed in 24hours that matters......:)

some people don't feel comfortable eating later on...but we are all different and you need to do what works for YOU :)

Debz xx


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i eat my cheese curls and hifi bar in bed lol,our leader says its better to eat late into the night because your metabolism is still working then
:eek: I take it you're a careful eater and don't drop crumbs in the bed LOL!

Miss Q

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Thanks for bringing this up Ella, and to everybody for their replies, as I was thinking the same thing only last night while I was chomping on my tea at 10.30pm.

Like someone very succinctly said, everybody is different. My OH also likes to eat as soon as he gets home from work, whereas I like to have tea 'last' - i.e. have a nice sit down with some yummy food once I have done all my jobs and things.

I will now munch into the night, guilt free!
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Ditto Squiddie, Our leader, said exactly the same, I eat late, my supper/snack about 11pm and it's not affected my weight loss.....

Hugs :)


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I don't think it matters. I eat early with OH and the kiddies at 5pm, but then have a big pudding after they go to bed (usually berries and yog) AND I have a little snack just before bed! I can't gt to sleep if I'm remotely hungry, so a ryvita and cottage cheese at bed time actually helps me to go to sleep!
thanks you all so much i think this was a good topic to talk about
Julie can i say i have a little different for my late night snack with my ryvita i have nuttella on mine give me choccie anytime

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