how long after you eat ,do you know if Ketosis hell will kick in

Hi 10stonesize10

If I eat I always drop out of ketosis (testing with ketostix) and it always takes until the 4th day to get back into ketosis again. However, how I feel varies. Sometimes I can just get back, other times I keep slipping up. I don't really feel too hungry or bad with it though it seems to be more the psychological hunger that is the problem rather than physical hunger or headaches etc.

In general, if I feel that the eating was planned a good decision and enjoyable it is OK. If the eating was out of control, not enjoyed instinctive and uncomfortable. It is harder, but if I come to terms with it quickly I can usually get over it OK.

Obviously this is just my own personal experience.

I'm sure you will be fine if you just get on with it and don't dwell on the fact you ate.

Dizzy x
Hey!!! I replied on the last stone mission thread but I'll sum it up again here. I think you'll be fine. If you don't feel bad hopefully (fingers crossed) you'll be you made good food choices so unless you had any dreaded carbs or citric acid you declined to tell us.....:rolleyes: you'll be fine. Promise!:D