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How long can I do Sole source?Advice!

I am still following the old system with 4 weeks sole source and an add a meal week every 4 weeks.I was told by my CDC that it was OK as I signed up before the new system came into effect.
Today though she said that CDC's should only recommend their clients to do 4weeks SS and One week AAM for 3 months maximum and then move up to 790.Is this right?I thought I could continue with this until I was a stone over BMI of 25(I know there is another debate about this though!)
She is trying to encourage me to move to the new programme,but I don't like milk,so its not so appealling.
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Cambridge Counsellor
I think your cdc has probably misinterpreted the guidelines, as they are a tad confusing. The new rules state that you can now do a vlcd for up to 12 weeks, but no longer. This means that, in theory (I say 'in theory', as 12 solid weeks may not suit everyone), you can now do ss for 12 weeks without a break. Following those 12 weeks, you must come off the vlcd for a week - this is why Cambridge have adapted to 790 plan into an 810 plan, as anything over 800 calories is a 'low calorie diet' rather than a 'very low calorie diet'. Once you've done the 810 plan for a week, you can then go back onto ss for another 12 weeks, and so on.

Does that make sense? Perhaps because of the whole 'can no longer do a vlcd for more than 12 weeks' thing, your cdc has interpreted that as meaning you can't do ss/aam for more than 12 weeks without then moving up the plans? If you ask her for a new edition of the Weightcare with Cambridge booklet (which became available a couple of weeks back), you'll find the explanation in there, which you can then point out to your cdc!

I hope that helps. :)

Jo x
You do SS until a BMI of 25 plus one stone

I keep reading this on here and so had worked out where I need to get to for this to be the case. Yet...when I read in the pink/blue book it tells me that I can SS until BMI 25 - no mention of BMI 25 + 1 stone so I'm a bit confused :confused:
I found a sticky thread that answers my question so I know what's what now :D

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