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how long did it take for your weight loss to show ?

I ultimately would like to lose 5 stone from my maximum (15st 12lbs) and be down to about 11stones. I'm now 14st 10.5lbs and notice no visible difference. I tend to notice sporadically when I look in the mirror I don't look so fat, but then I think that sometimes even when I'm fatter! I notice properly when I get down to under 13.5stones. And I really notice when I get to 12.5stones. Long way to go yet...


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Other people are more likely to notice before you do. I lost 2st before I really started to see a difference, now I dont recognise the woman in the mirror lol
Took about 8lbs for other people to start noticing, but I only noticed after almost 20lbs (gained back some of it over teh holidays...) because I started fitting back into some clothes and my tummy was definitely smaller. :D

Of course now the tummy's back a bit, and I definitely notice that too! :sigh:
I think old clothes are the best gauge for me. I always dig them out to see. Even my partner finds it difficult to see, because he's around me all the time. I think seeing someone you haven't seen for a while is always good too.

Lou xx
Thanks for the replys ! :) I was just having a bit of a down day , I was getting a bit impatient I think hehe ! Oh wells I am still going :)
I have a few friends I havnt seen in a while so hopefully they will notice ! :)

I saw a difference after i lost about 2 stone. But i see a difference in my face after 2 weeks or so.

I know how annoying it can be not being able to see your weightloss, but trust me its melting off. You should measure your inch loss and you'll see a big difference. Stay strong :) xx
Usually about 2stone at our bmi's, but you feel it quicker than see it.
I'll second that, I feel much fitter/able walking up the hill (ok...slope) to uni whereas before I'd feel out of breath and excessively sweaty, which was a horrible way to start the day. It makes me feel like I've achieved something now when I walk up and feel fine and energetic.

And I feel I breathe better.
Hi Ameh,
With me it was about 2stone before other people started to notice.
I FELT better almost straight away and my clothes started to feel less tight after about 1stone.
Lots of it is in your head though. I still have days when I feel like a house!
It's hard to get your head around it completely.
Just keep going and you will get there.
By the time the good weather comes you'll be ready to show off that new fabulous figure.:)


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Take pictures!

In photos there was a noticeable difference at 2 weeks for me, but after 50lbs, I still dont see any difference when I look in the mirror but my photos show a HUGE difference.

Other people started to comment after I had lost about 2stone but I think often people dont like to say anything incase they offend you... its like saying "I noticed u were fat... ur not so fat now!" hehe so take some photos of yourself and take another one every month and your see the change in shape, if you look at my diary in the Exante section, there is two pictures of me with only half a stone difference in weight but you can still see my shape has changed slightly (they are towards the end of my diary, the ones on the first post are older pics)


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ive gotta agree, 2 stone before i noticed people mentioning and now i only see the difference in pictures
Hi Ria,
I remember you from last year. Welcome back. You've done well
so far. Size 16 jeans. Well done.:)
I have lost 4 stones but some people still haven't comment on it!!! some people noticed after 2 stones and this woman asked me where I had bought my coat because it made me slimmer!!!


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Hi Ria,
I remember you from last year. Welcome back. You've done well
so far. Size 16 jeans. Well done.:)
Thanks hun! i can't quite believe it myself, 5 stone 8lbs lost currently! when i reach my goal i'll have lost 6 stone 11lbs!

Think it took a while for me to notice any different. Only really starting to notice it now after nearly a year and 3 stones gone. Not many people have said anything about it so i'm not sure how many have actually noticed. I know family have said I've done well though but thats usually when I mention things about my weight loss.

I notice it when my clothes are getting too big for me lol. But my head doesn't really see the difference, even though there is an obvious different in pics. The only place I can see that has lost anything is my face.


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i dropped from a 12 to a 6/8 and i still cant see a difference. others can but i dont see it.... only when i compare my clothes do i see how much smaller they are

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