How long do CD crisps stay crisp for?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by kazz, 18 November 2006 Social URL.

  1. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Title says it all really...just need to know how long they will last after I make them...if I can stop eating them that is!:p :p
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  3. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

    Hi Kazz, i know peeps who put them straight into a air tight tub and they r still ok and crisp the next day.
    Am not sure if this is a good idea to keep them 24 hrs because of the nutrients but its def poss !
  4. kazz

    kazz Gold Member

    Ace....thanks just making my daughters dinner and was going to make me some so I have somethin to nibble on for the x factor later on!!

  5. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

    Enjoy xx
  6. Cheb

    Cheb Gold Member

    Glad Roch knew the answer, I wouldn't have had a clue......mine barely make it out of the microwave and get crispy before I've scoffed the lot:D
  7. kati

    kati Gold Member

    lol same here :eek:
  8. clairejen

    clairejen Lurker

    I read somewhere that you don't have to worry about losing more nutrients after you have cooked packs, anything you were going to lose has already gone.
    I have a dinky heat sealer and seal the crisps into little plastic bags, have used them three days later and they're still fine.
  9. Jemax

    Jemax Full Member

    Hmm!!! Very interesting, I quite like that idea of taking my crisps with me, especially at the weekends. Something different from tetra packs and bars.
  10. Lesleyfx

    Lesleyfx Flutytooty

    Hiya! Which packs do you use for makin crisps? I don't have any soup packs cos I just hate the taste of them, but someone said they taste totally different? Is that right? I thought I'd get a couple of packs just to try making crisps? Which should I get? Thanks
  11. Jemax

    Jemax Full Member

    Hi Lesley

    So far I have used the vegetable, chicken & Mushroom, tomato and chilli. I think Chicken and mushroom is the best. They do taste different from the soup.

  12. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    My fav is chicken & mushroom made with sage and parsley - really yummy!!! :cool: And I get my girls to make them for me so they last longer!! :D
  13. Cheb

    Cheb Gold Member

    I like thai chilli done as crisps with added black pepper.

    Before making your first batch make sure you have a microwaveable non-stick teflon sheet (I saw one in Sainsburys last week) Don't try using greaseproof paper, it doesn't work; I tried and as I didn't have a spare pack.....mmm yummy paper along with my crisps LOL:D
  14. happygal

    happygal Banned

    Hi Lesley.

    I hate the Chilli Soup but it is gorgeous in Crisps. I like them best as crisps and then comes chicken and Mushroom. Had the vegetable one as a poppadom (big crisp) today and it was ok but wouldnt really recommend it. The veg soup is best made as soup with white pepper in it. Without the white pepper it isnt as nice.

    Hope this helps you.

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