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How long do you think?


this time - the last time
The generally accepted average is a stone a month but you tend to loose it faster at first when you are bigger and then maybe a bit slower as you get closer and closer to goal. I've lost 40lbs in 9 weeks


this time - the last time
Wow! That's amazing in 9weeks.

I'm just hoping my doctor will sign my forms so I can get started!


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Hi in total I've lost around 7 n half well that's my target that I've roughly reached but need to get to a weigh in. I lost 5 stone in 5 months and 2 weeks I came off for 6 months completely put a few pounds on n over the last 10 weeks I've lost that few pounds and the other 2.5 stone although it foes slow down at times a stone per month. Is reasonable IMO I'm as+ but they say there's not much diff in the losses I've also had a couple of planned days off
And that's with a few blips. Setas has done over 50lbs in the same time!

No reason why your doc shouldn't really... it's better for you to get the weight off than keep it on and VLCDs are part of the national obesity guidelines for GPs
I'm expecting it to take about five and half to six months to lose 7.5 stone. So far I've lost 63lbs in 12 weeks.
i lost 5 1/2 stone in around 4 1/2 months. last half a stone was a faf as i got pregnant and put on weight then lost the baby then it took my body a few weeks to get back going again then i got pregnant straight away again argh! so the last half stone probably took me to 5 1/2 months with the up and down bit.
I've lost 4 stone in 9 weeks - and nearly half way there. When I started at the end of September I was anticipating that it would take until next July - now it might be april time (fingers crossed)

Good luck
i know;-) I'm so chuffed with this diet - its fab - and the lsat 2 days people have finally started noticing which is great for the ego. I have been really really lucky - its been easy as i've been in the "zone" and I have been 100% the whole time. Thats said I'm up for a fall tomorrow - only 1lb off this week on my scales (despite 100%) and i've been spoilt with 5lb losses each week. I knew it had to come sometime but it will still suck!

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