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How long does it usually take?


Slimming down the aisle
Good Morning Caroline,

I think everyone is different for me it is pretty much immediate although the repercussions can last a few days...scales continuing to go up. I think thats why I am all or nothing as soon as I go off plan thats me gone!

Good luck and hope those winegums haven't done too much damage!


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Please do not say Wine Gum's............they are my favouritist things in the whole world, I have tried many and the best in my opinion are Asda Smart Price 26p a bag and I have on occasion eaten 3 in a row !


Slimming down the aisle
Yup.... wine gums, yesterday. At the moment not showing on the scales, but am waiting for them to hit my hips! The rest of the pack are in the bin though!!


Mistress of the Dark
i have had 'blips' (as in eating a kfc one night) and they haven't had an effect at all. maybe i am just bloody lucky!!! no excuse to keep doing it though :(
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Well done on putting them in the bin!!-last time I had a bag of sweets blip I wasnt strong/sensible enough and just ate them all. :sign0007:


Slimming down the aisle
So far I seem to be pretty lucky and things haven't effected me when I have blipped, am wondering whether it's the case again or whether I can expect it to hit in a few days!


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I know what you mean, after my 810 week and a blip I was kinda hoping for a gain and got it but sadly it still didnt stop me bliping this weekend! we'll see what the scales say tomorrow to see if Ive done any damage.


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I notice it straight away on the scales.
But then again if you eat under 2000(or whatever your BMR is) you should still be loosing weight.
But I guess it's the glucose and the water that's noticable on the scales.


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i have had 'blips' (as in eating a kfc one night) and they haven't had an effect at all. maybe i am just bloody lucky!!! no excuse to keep doing it though :(
It's funny you say that, because I too have had blips (including pizza) and I have not gained weight from it. I might loose less, but still it's odd!

Having said that though, when I blip I make sure I drink more water that week to try and flush it out, plus I do more exercise, which feels more like a punishment!!! lol :p

But you're right - shouldn't do it too often, it'll soon start to pile on the pounds.

Hugs x x x


Shut up Ethel
Week 2 mega-blip ruined a 5lb loss, turning it into a 1lb loss instead.
Week 4 sausage-blip didn't seem to have any effect...or did it? No idea. Lost 3lb, but could it have been more?

Its not 'fat' weight if you do go up - you simply can't eat 3500 cals x however many lb you gain in that short space of time. You probably only ate a few 100 cal of wine gums, after all. But you can retain water, plus the weight of the food, plus throw yourself out of ketosis, and thus slow up the 'fat burning'. Why would the body burn fat when its got jelly babies/sausages to live on, after all?!

Shouldn't affect you too much - but its a slippery slope, so that's why I've publicly committed to NOT doing it! (This week. Small goals and all that)


can see the end in sight!
I usually spot a blip the next morning on the scales, but its usually gone the next day


Slimming down the aisle
I think I'm ok then! I'm actually down 1.5lbs on same time yesterday, so think I'm safe with that one!
Just wondering, from anyones past experiences, how long does it usually take for a blip to show on the scales if it's going to make you gain weight?
***warning: poo talk***

When I had that pizza on Friday, it showed up on the scales the next day.

But one terrible thing I noticed was that I didn't have a poo for three days afterwards, and when I did it was tiny. I kept thinking how most of the pizza must have been burnt off or gone straight into my fat reserves! Dunno how much of this is true, I'm an IT guy not a biologist lol
Well done on throwing the rest of the pack away thats good in itself! Ive had a few off plan days along the way which were planned and the only time it showed on the scales was Dublin which was when drink was involved and that shifted by the next week. Hope you have got away with it honey and if you have be very grateful and dont be tempted to do it again as next time you may not be as lucky lol xxxx

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