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How long have you been on SF?


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I've only been on it for a week but my mum did it a few years back for a month and lost over half a stone. And from reading other's stories, it does seem to work long term.

I think a lot of people us it as a step down from the CD so I do think it can be used long term to lose a lot of weight.


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I've been on SF since February. So that is almost 4 months now. There are a few people here I believe who have been on SF for much longer. :)

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I started about a week after christmas, doesn't seem that long ago though!


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Wow Hannah your weight loss is incredible!!!! I am starting tom have been on CS for the last five weeks and lost a stone, but its too expensive so changing to SF :D
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When Slim Fast first came out about nearly 30 years ago, my mom used it to lose all her excess weight (about 3 stone). I admire her self discipline. She never cheated on the plan, worked out daily to the same old aerobics video (Jane Fonda!), and slowly but surely looked incredible. She must have stayed on Slim Fast for about two years to maintain. Today, at 60 years old, she has still maintained her original weight loss. I would give absolutely anything to have her willpower- didn't get that from her.
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Wow that is some willpower....I have been on it for 3 weeks and am realistically just praying for a STS this week as I have really lost the plot this week:eek:

Mel x

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