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How long is it ok to leaves pets on there own for?

I think we are going to be ok leaving our cats on there own, as we are only going to an event that is on in the evening, then coming back the next day, so going around 9 and then will be back around 12 the next day.

I don't think I could ever leave mine for more then a night without someone popping in

But how long do you think is too long to leave an animal on there own when you go away? Oh and does it depend on the type of pet too?
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Think it depends on the type of pet! I would leave my cat for the same length of time as you as long as there was food, water and a litter tray! I would not leave a dog for any longer than a few hours.
I agree overnight is fine for cats - they get lonely if it is any longer than that. Dogs get lonely more quickly - especially if there is only one of them. Fish can be left for up to 2 weeks as long as you get the proper holiday fish food. I had to leave my dog overnight in an emergency once - it was for about 10 hours - and I felt so guilty I hope it never has to happen again.
Well the toilet window will be open for them, thats not a problem as its a very narrow one that opens upwards, and they can easily go in and out it and do all the time..

Main reason we are doing it is person who said they would help with cats is having a bit of a tiff with me for something nasty I said, which everyone knows I didn't say (that's neither here nor there)

My hubby could ask her to help and we usually give her a bob or two for doing it as she doesn't have much money. But personally if she is gona be like this, I don't want to giver her my money, rather buy the cats some nice whiskas treats for when we get back...

Hope that does not sound wrong of me, I do love my cats and if going for longer I would have got him to ask her, but not now, not for a night...


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Hi, I think your cats will be fine left on their own as long as they have food, water and a clean tray to use. the longest ive left my cats for is 8 hours,that was when i was going on a day trip to weston. they were fine when i got home.

i think it depends on the animal too though, i think its unfair for a dog to be left longer than 6 hours,but dogs behaviour is very different to a cats.

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My dog and cat are left on their own every day when OH and I are at work and they're totally fine with it! I wouldn't want to leave the dog overnight though as others have said.
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The same as everyone else has said really, over night is fine as long as they have got food, water and a tray.

We do it all the time with ours... they secretly like having the house to themselves. lol

they will be fine.

Have a good time

Sah xxx


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Thankfully I have helpful neighbours who help me out when I'm not at home (i,e at my partners). I have 2 cats under a year, and 4 rabbits.

The cats are really sociable as it is, but play together...the rabbits, as long as they have plenty of food and water (the hay replenished twice a day, pellets fed in the morning and vege in the evening...along with fresh water every day) they're usually alright =] I wouldn't ever only feed the rabbits once a day, maybe would with the cats.

Lou xx
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i agree your cats will be fine being left over night as for dogs, a few hours maximum. I am in the process of training my dog to be left on his own for a few hours at a time. I work fomr home so usually it would not be a problem but there are times I have to pop out. Started with 10 minute bursts, dont make a fuss just shut him in kitchen with his bed,m food water etc. Then go in after ten mins and dont make a fuss, just act nomral. We have managed up to one hour 30, he is ok as long as he has something to occupy him, bone, dog chew etc.

have a nice evening when you do go out. x
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I leave my cat for a similar time to you occasionally, and she is fine. My main problem with her is that she is completely greedy and will eat all her food in one sitting and then be sick if we let her, also will raid the kitchen for anything she can get hold of (Christmas cake most recently!). Who says pets are like their owners?! ;-) She is only 18 months old and a healthy weight, but am sure it will catch up with her!

So I have invested in an automatic feeder for her, she gets fed late in the evening, and again in the morning before I get home. You just put the food in it and set the timer, and it pops open. It's really useful if it becomes regular for you to be out.

I don't own a dog but do work with animals, and I agree, I'd be reluctant to leave a dog alone for more than a few hours, definitely not all night. They're pack animals (unlike cats) and need company, or can become stressed, anxious & destructive. Also there is the obvious issue of not using litter trays!


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My friend is a dog behavioural expert. I was chatting to her last week as we would love a dog, but have to work full time.

Apparently dogs learn what is normal in puppy-hood. If it is always surrounded by people as a puppy it'll find it difficult to adapt if it's left alone as an adult - will chew, bark, etc.

However you can 'train' a dog to get used to being alone by gradually making the periods longer - it works better with young dogs. Studies have shown that dogs who are well adapted to being alone are as happy as those with constant attention.

I thought it was interesting as I had never even considered having a dog when we both work, but she insisted that it isn't a problem. There's hope yet!!


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I have cats and dogs 3 of each, we try to not leave any of them for too long. Saying that the boys (dogs) are fine left for the max of 10 hours after a very long walk, we crate our dogs on the advice of a behaviourist, the dogs feel more secure to have their own space and I must say all of them are a lot happier since getting them (in fact they take themselves of sometimes). The cats a max of two days (Sat morning to Sunday afternoon), with bowls of water and food all over the house just incase some get knocked over, with doors around the house open for there own space. I always leave the radio on as well.
All the above is very rare as I am at home everyday. I would worry any animal too long just in case they get ill.


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Right background first:
When we moved into our house 5 years ago, the cat came with the house. Prior to this we can only assume that the cat was left for really long periods on his own locked in the kitchen (lots of scratched walls).

Since then we installed a cat flap which he uses regularly. We also invested in an automatic feeder.
This means that we can go away for a good 3/4 days and know that he's being fed. We also leave a big bowl of biscuits and water for him.

Obviously any longer than this we get a neighbour to feed him.

He's pretty independant and doesn't spend a lot of time in the house (particularly in the summer) so this may help for him.


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My cat was similar Sarah - although we got him as a kitten he was born on a farm, and was very independent. I often hear friends talking about their cats who never leave the house / walled garden and think what kind of life is that!

My cat would come home each day however. We would leave food if we were only away for 1 night - any longer and neighbours would feed him.
Yes I think it depends on the type of a pet and also what he/she is used to. In general I consider it's better not to leave pets alone more than is necessary.


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I think its more a case of space for dogs. Its cruel to keep them cooped up for longer than necessary and they should be out getting daily exercise in ideal circumstances (obviously emergencies are emergencies) whereas cats don't need that kind of attention.. they can usually cope with outdoor access, food and fresh water.


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I've left my cat for a week before!

Shes semi-feral, and a rescue. She can get in the house, food everywhere and my cleaner checked up on her to make sure she was ok. She doesnt want human attention, she isnt interested and very rarely comes in the house now, she has her food outside most days, and will come at 8am, and 6pm for food and water and I dont see her otherwise.

My dog however, has sep anx so 5minutes is too much for her. We're currently in training classes, fingers crossed this will help her :)

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