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How long is safe on cd


can see the end in sight!
I hope so!! I would have thought that if it wasn't safe, there would be something in the guidelines, can any cdcs advise?


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I have done a food week after week 12 but straight back to ss I'm sure there are some poeple out there with a real long haul ahead can it be health for really long periods even with the meal added after each 12 weeks I was just wondering that's all


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Lin,
I really dont know the answer to this one, You have done so amazingly well hon the way you have done it, I would just carry on until someone tells you otherwise. What does your cdc say?
My CDC says that 12 weeks ss followed by 810. I can repeat this as often as I want until my bmi is 25 when i must go to 810.


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Thanks Curly you always have kind comments.

My cdc is ok for me to do whatever i want, she has always said its up to me how I do it, its my choice.

I was only wondering could there be any problems, no food for all those weeks.


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My CDC says that 12 weeks ss followed by 810. I can repeat this as often as I want until my bmi is 25 when i must go to 810.

Lin18.... I know JUST why you ask hon (and have had the exact same thread and question a few weeks ago!) but other than the guidelines, be honest with yourself, don't you feel just great physically? Notwithstanding the lust pangs or the sheer boredom?

I put it to you the reason our minds make us wonder if this is healthy is because we're psychologically reaching our limit. We can do it though, can't we? :family2:


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We can do it indeed i dont question our ability to achieve our goal at all.

I dont want to appear to be being negative about cd, because it has been fantastic. I would and have recommended it to lots of people.


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I didn't perceive it as negative.

I just wanted to say I've been there, down that thought-route but then I recalled that objectively I am having better nutrition now than ever in my adult life so that is not what worries me and that the only item I could wonder about is the effect of long term ketosis BUT the level is only mild and not extreme, Eskimos and all other populations living on a high proteic, low carb diet live with it all their lives and pregnant mothers experience it for 9 months at a time safely so realistically the probability that it will do damage to my health is less than the probability that sheer boredom will drive me to do damage to myself by absently knawing into my fist pretending it's bacon! -Dark humour but you get the gist-

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