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How long is the DVD?


A little of everything!
I'm guessing the vid on the website is the same as the DVD and that's 40minutes.

(Felt like a day and a half when i started the first time... but i got there second time round!)


A little of everything!
Is it on the website? I could have a sneaky look while I'm at work if it was? I couldn't find it? I should've took it with me & I could've watched it here but I didn't think! LOL!

DUH!!! Ignore me- I've just found it!! Why did I pay £10 to get it from the pharmacy!! (Don't worry, it's refundable!)
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A little of everything!
Well, that was 39mins and 4 seconds of my life wasted! LOL! Theres nothing on it that isn't on the website or here! Still, at least I can honestly say I've watched it when the pharmacist asks!
LOL 39mins 4 seconds that you'll never get back. First time i watched it i was bored stupid. In middle of diet i watched it again and amazingly it wasn't as boring. Least you've watched it. Well done lol


A little of everything!
And the graphics are something a 10yr old would do when learning powerpoint! PMSL!! Ah well, I guess it was meant to be informative...sort of... ;P
lol exactly, i thought that, 'time i can never get back'. they need to invest money in doing a new one - it'd be well worth it. they must be making a fair bit out of us!!
tut tut! and after this thread you never will :) lol

didn't tell me anything that i hadn't researched (info on website and here!) and the 5 minutes at the end about refeeding i blanked out as that's so far in the future for me!

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