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How long to come out of ketosis ?


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No idea sorry Angie - all I know is that it takes about 4 days to get into it. Hopefully someone will come along soon with an answer.



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I think it depends on what you eat.

Atkins folk stay in ketosis and they stuff on eggs and cheese and cream and fish and meat and all sorts of other lovely foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooods!!!!

You need to steer clear of carbs. Check out the Atkins Diet book - that is very useful if you are 'in a situation'.

So you need to box clever if you are planning to be naughty. No point is nipping to the chippy or pizza hut - you don't want to undo all the good work. :cool:

Angie H

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Just that I have an all day wedding next week that starts at 12pm. Was just wondering if I could do the meat/fish on the menu thing for the day. Not worried about the alcohol but could play around with the food and look like I am eating. really can't be bothered with explaining the eating thing to people that I don't know very well.

Also was just curious at how long it takes to come out of ketosis generally.
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I think it depends on your body and on how well your body handles carbs. I just have to have a small amount and im out, yet i know someone who can eat quite a bit and she can stay in ketosis.
Im out of ketosis at the moment as i ate on friday night!!! why do we do it huh?! so i guess, if i stick to it 100%, by tuesday i should be back in it.


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I think the general feeling is that if you are in a situation where you decide to eat if you stick with a bit of grilled/steamed protein (chicken or fish) along with a small amount of green salad leaves, no sauces or dressings, you should be ok. Some people in my group have done this without any impact on weight loss or ketosis.

I think if you eat high carb foods you come out of ketosis pretty much straight away; depending on what/how much you eat will dictate how long it takes to get back into ketosis.

Obviously the LL line would be that abstinence is as important mentally as it is physically so you shouldn't eat - but we're all grown ups!

Hope this is useful.
Johnny :D
Hey Angie
I'm not sure about the ketosis thing, but just thought I'd share a tip if you decide that you want to stay in complete abstinence on the wedding day. Not sure how long you've been LL'ing so you might not want to break abstinence yet?
I was at a big black tie thing back in week 3. Like you, I just didnt fancy the entire conversation on our table turning to why I wasn't eating anything! One of the guys I was with knew what I was doing and brilliantly masterminded massive distraction techniques on my behalf! He gave my soup to the catering manager who made it up in the kitchen and served it to me very discreetly along with everyone elses first course soup. Then my friend declared that everyone had to switch seats between courses. I had my main course put in front of me and just chopped it up and moved it around the plate, ocassionally lifted my fork to my mouth and then asked the person next to me a question, put the fork down, and so on. By the end of the main course my plate looked more than half finished. I'd asked the guy next to me so many questions throughout dinner to distract him he had no clue that I hadn't eaten a single thing! Then we moved seats again, and did a repeat performance with dessert. It honestly felt like the first major hurdle for me and I was on such a high that I'd got through it.
So there you go - there's always a way around it if you feel that's the right thing for you. Everyone's different but for me I knew that I was facing 6 months of big full on social activity and if I couldn't make it work around the programme then I was gonna be falling at every fence!! I've done this distraction thing so many times now, and it becomes really easy to do once you get the hang of it.
Let us know what you decide to do and how you get on :D


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Hi TG,

Have you considered applying for a role in the next James Bond movie :cool:. Such intrigue - I wouldn't have the energy.

But if you find it amusing and it works for you - good for it.

For me, it's easier to seek out the smoked salmon and lettuce leaves .......................... :D


has started again!!
I've just caved and eaten a big lump of cheese....

Aside from the guilt thing, would it be a good idea to skip a pack to put the calorie level about right? I guess I will stay in ketosis tho?

Angie H

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Excellent !! I am 9 weeks into LL so have got round everything so far. Really not too worried about the eating - just as I said I don't want my diet to be the topic of conversation - different with mates as they all know and it's not a problem. Will take a leaf out of your book as sounds good and did make me laugh !!!

Will let you know how I get on - still trying to wriggle out of it as I HATE weddings anyway............ LOL
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Dont worry Sez , it will be Ok, just forget about it!
I did it with a chunk of steak from a casserole and every Sunday I fall foul of the roast chicken and pinch a little bit when it come out of the oven! Its never done me any harm, I think it would be differnt if it were mashed potatoes or bread . Skip the last pack and it will be fine! Just dont do it again or I will have to whoopass you!;)
Unless you have something with citric acid, which can do dreadful things to ketosis, I think you will be ok if you stick to roughly the same amount of calories you would have had with the packs. I have lapsed a few times, for various reasons, and sometimes managed to stay in ketosis. The only problem is you get really hungry, physically and emotionally and it is so hard to resist giving in when you have once.

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