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How long to get in to ketosis?


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It is different for everyone, but generally it's about 3-4 days. It also depends on what you've been eating prior to starting. CD recommends reducing carbs and almost doing like a plan before starting.
Some people have a massive blowout, but that makes it harder to start and harder to get into ketosis.


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I'm not planning on a last supper type thing but I am away for the weekend that I'm starting on (I'll be starting on the day we drive home) so I will be eating out a lot..


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It took me until day 4 for the headaches to stop so asume that meant I was in Ketosis. I wish I could have been at home for them as I didn't feel great until then but felt great come day 4 - but it is different for everyone. Good luck Zoe xx
Hi Zoe, i was the same it took till day four till the headaches stopped, pee'd on a ketosis stick on the morning of day 5 and it turns dark pink, i think this was good but not sure.:)

have you weighed in yet???

let me know. xLouie:eek:
sorry zoe just noticed you lots 13lbs, that was fab:worthy:


loving life
Thanks Louie Lou, When's yours? Zoe xx
Just wanted to say that i do subscribe to the blowout club because it works for me. I also found starting the diet mid afternoon works for me too. I had a hearty lunch and went to see my cdc at 3pm for my first weigh in and to get my packs. Now although it slightly affects my starting weight, it helped me get through the first evening and well into the next day (got up really late!) and before i knew where i was day one was over. I also shifted my packs and day along for the first 3 days (got up late and started packs later in the day) and was in ketosis by day 3.
I am only telling you how it worked for me and my glycogen levels are mental anyway so maybe i am not a good example!!!! (any time i start a diet i lose heaps in the first week but when i come off of it i put that amount on immediately - it sucks but that is how it is)
However, i just wanted to say that most of us are seasoned dieters and have a pretty good idea what works for us (some people eat a huge breakfast and snack the rest of the day and so have more packs early on in the day, some people have a light or no breakfast and so having a pack early in the morning doesnt work for them) SO, think about what works for you in normal life, what your normal patterns of eating are and what is the tough time in the day - we all have one really hard time of the day in diets - and tailor the diet around that.
Lastly with regards to getting thru day three if you are at work for 12.5 hours, pace your packs and drink plenty of water (fizzy fills u up) and take some headache tablets with you and stay away from all temptation because once you get into ketosis, it is much easier to stay 100%.
Stay busy and goodluck Sunflowers. You can do it!


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What are the signs of ketosis. Is it that your hunger goes? I've not had any headaches or huge hunger pangs at all only on day 3 today, but feel better today than yesterday.
im on day 5 and im prettyyyyy sure i am not in ketosis, even tho i feel fine im still bloody hungry lol


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I am usually in ketosis by half way through day 2, I'm really lucky like that.

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