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How long until you noticed a difference?


Green tea advocate!!
Just a quick question for those who have been sucessfully loosing weight on WW - how long did it take until you noticed a change in your shape? Or should i say, how many pounds?

I know everyone's different - i just thought it would give a little motivation to those of us just starting out :D

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Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
What a Difference!

Hi - I'm doing SW now (have tried lots of other diets in the past including WW) - but I think you're right when you say that everyone is different!

For me, I noticed after my first stone really, when I could fasten my HUGE jeans easier, and after that there's been no stopping me! I've gone from a size 22 jeans with strained seams to a size 12! Most size 12's are fitting fine now but not the pair of skinny jeans from Primark I bought! I'm getting them on but they're "strained" I'll keep going until I can get into them COMFORTABLY!

The main difference is that I feel "normal" nowadays and much much more healthy though!

Best o'luck'n'stuff on your weightloss journey! ;)


Green tea advocate!!
Wow you've done amazing! Congrats on your loss :) I bet that is the best feeling in the world being able to slide into a pair of size 12's!

Still...i can't wait to get my first stone off and experience that feeling!!! :D

Thanks Jacky!


Silver Member
People started to notice my loss when I reached the 2stone mark...now people notice all the time...I noticed around the 2stone mark aswell....bearing in mind that I have over 100 pounds to lose, so suppose with someone smaller it would be less :D


Green tea advocate!!
Ah fantastic - someone else whos done a great job loosing weight! Congrats...i really am envious! :)
Can't wait till people eventually start noticing with me! I bet that gives you such a boost!!


Is in the Zone
Guess it's different for everyone - I've lost 23lbs and no-one's notice - and I don't feel any different at all :( Maybe the next half a stone will do it :)

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
There WILL be a difference there - honestly!

Don't get dispondent, there are lots of changes in our bodies and minds when we lose any weight - healthwise these changes are happening inside, and if you took your measurements before the start of your weightloss journey, try taking them again and you'll see the difference in inches! If you haven't already taken measurements, do it now and then again once more weight comes off - you really WILL see the difference! ;) Good luck'n'stuff, as you continue on your journey!


Green tea advocate!!
Ah thanks all! I'm really tempted to take measurements now!

Oh and i'm putting the scales away, i jump on them at least twice a day and it gets really depressing seeing my weight go up and down constantly!!


Green tea advocate!!
Twiggy - 23lbs is brilliant!! :D
Hello it was hitting the 2 stone mark for me all my family, friends have all noticed my weight loss.

But i only noticed it in recent photo's taken of me at a wedding 2 weeks ago.

Couldnt stop smiling how good i look now compare to this time last August.

Good luck.


The Weight Loss Monster
Hi Becky
I'm in the same boat as you (I'm off to my 2nd weigh in this evening) and I've found that weighing myself between the weekly weigh in to be soul destroying.
Like everyone else here has suggested, messuring is a great way to see a difference. I couldn't believe that I'd lost a couple of cm's off everywhere this morning.
I still feel huge even though I lost 4.5 lbs in my first week and I'm sure I lost a couple this week. I'm just comforting myself with the fact that no matter what I look like at least I know I'm not gaining anymore! ;)
Good luck with every thing, I can already see from your goal section that you're doing fantastically.
Ness :)


Green tea advocate!!
Ah thanks Ness! 4.5lbs is brilliant - well done!! I lost 1lb this week - which isn't enourmous but at least it's going in the right direction!!! And i got my first silver 7!! Yayy!

Shanny - well done on being that close to goal!! Fantastic! It's going to take a while but i will get there :D

Thanks for all the support everyone!! x


Green tea advocate!!
Thanks Twiggy :) It's a good feeling!! Can't wait till ive got a few more under my belt!! (Silver 7's that is...not pounds lol) :D


Up for the challenge
Well done on getting your first silver 7 and in time for your Mum's party too. Good work. Here's to the next one. x x x

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