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How long?


2 weeks and 2 days.....can I take a break now?!!

Good luck on your journey xx

LOL. I started june 16th, took november and december off! restarted 4th jan.



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Sorry to hijack the thread but I have a question for Nerac....I see you had Nov and Dec off - did you eat normally? I see you put a little of your weight back on and just wondered if you were really naughty (lol) or it was just very hard to keep the weight off? Such a worry!



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You can stay on LT TFR for as long as you wish to. Other VLCD require you to take a break, but my pharmacist contacted LT for me, and they said as long as I am happy to continue I can stay on as long as I want

Clair x


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Yep i was told the same, as long as you want. It isn't harmful like some other diets, in fact if anything i am more healthy on LT than any other time. Is that not what you wanted to hear, lol, were you hoping for a little break further down the road? Ah bless, sorry if we ruined it for you!
Yep, you caught me out *Stinkybreath*...was hoping somebody was going to say..''have a break after 8 weeks''!

I will commit myself to 8 weeks minimum....then , nearer the time, see if I can go on further.


Size 14 here i come!
I can bet you once you have made it to week 8 you WON'T want to stop, trust me, i was exactly the same first time i did LT. Kept thinking i would have a break but never did!! Good luck i'm sure you will do great.


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Almost day 6 here! Already feels like an eternity without food! lol


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it does feel like an eternity but itll pass eventually.. i think week 8 is a good mark to get to, its my first mini goal!..i want to be on for 20 weeks and i will be starting week 4 tomorrow! x


Size 14 here i come!
Well, it's Day 3 for me......but, I have all of you , in front of me, holding your hands out in encouragement. I have a mental picture of all LT buddies with their hands out and shouting ''c'mon'' ! Lol. Believe me, it helps !!!
Feeling a bit weak today and light headed....so will have 4 packs today on a regular interval of time ,to see if I can beat this feeling, as this is where I have floundered before...but, no worries...am heading for that 8 week goal. Yay !