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How low carb made me 280lbs..

This is my personal story.

In college I was a wrestler at 190lbs and always looking to stay trim. I got into the whole low carb fad 5 years ago under the paleo/primal fad diet's premise of 'eat all the meat you want and keep it low carb and you will be ripped in no time'. So I loaded up on meat and ditched the rice & fruit. I added extra lard to my steaks and guzzled protein powders. I would binge so hard on the weekends and feel so guilty. I would binge on chocolate and icecream. My relationships around me crumbled. I kept believing that Dr Atkins style diets were slimming and healthy! lol! How delusional I was. Those low carb diets just set us up for more disordered eating as you have so many constant carb cravings.

My weight went up to 280lb eventually. An all time high for me. I used to do a bit of male modelling in college and that was hard for me to gain that much fat. I even moved out of NYC as the look on friends faces just wrecked me constantly. When your known as the male model and now you look like Homer Simpson, its hard to handle.

I now work in security in China. Im back down to 200lbs. Im the fittest of my life. I will hit 190lb no problems and I know I will get down to 150lb eventually. (ever seen any vegan men over 150lb) lol! Me either!

My cholesterol and uric acid has dropped. My sex drive is back again and my zest for activity is enhanced. I dont need to dope up on caffeine to get to the gym or go for a light jog. I just get up and go. Exercise has been my social outlet now.

I just wanted to share my story so others dont ruin their health on these low carb diets like I did.

Today Im healthy and getting better. I have my life back. I eat WHOLE FOOD carbs each meal. Corn, rice, potato, wholewheat pasta, barley etc. I eat unlimited portions of them. I have zero oil, zero animal products. When I want sweet I eat tasty fruits. I NEVER feel like Im missing out or running on discipline.

Thanks for reading.
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Bingeing on chocolate and ice cream......there's your answer!

I've lost over 3 stone and now following Atkins and as healthy as I've ever been..

If you stick with it properly, it works!

And I don't crave carbs in the slightest..

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Call me Linzi...
As you said that's your personal story & mine is that I have lost over 9 stone by doing Atkins & have been maintaining easily now for 10 months. One diet does not suit everybody which is why its great that we have sites like Mini's which are unbiased & open for everyone to find what's right for them... just like you did. Good luck with yr journey.


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I'm sorry to hear it didnt work for you and glad you have found a woe that does suit. For me personally low carb has been a revelation - it's the first time in my life that i HAVEN'T been craving carbs. What a relief! No craving, no bingeing - just nice, freshly prepared food so that i am healthier than i've been for at least 15 years.


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Yeah, I don't understand. Low carb didn't make you 280lb, ice cream sn chocolate did. Like Kat1e, I've found this way of eating to be a revelation, and don't crave carbs.

I was vegetarian for 15 years, and vegan for 3 of those years. I was obese the whole time (and became vitamin B12 deficient). So there, your story is cancelled out by mine and we're equal. :p


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Hi Mark,

I'm pleased to read that you've lost weight and feel better than before.
When I did SW (which allows carbs like fruits and pasta-limitless) I still binged and ended up gaining all I've lost and more.
ANY diet you follow will tell you not to binge or you'll gain weight..
I think it's unfair to say that it doesn't work when you've not committed to it 100% .. and in your case probably not even 80% committed..
Atkins and most diets advise against binging and then going back to the diet because it messes up the good work you've put in and makes your body resistant..

There's no one way of eating that fits every single person.. but it's good to know you've found your way