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How many "A Day" do you eat?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by lickthelid, 22 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    This is something that is obsessing me at the moment (yes I have more important concerns but, hey, everything is relative). When I look at my food diary at the end of the day I tot up how many portions of fruit and veg I have had. As a child of the 5 a day generation I try to make sure I have at least 7 different varieties of fruit and veg (inc baked beans where I eat them). This is now pretty average for me and makes me think that if EVERYONE should have 5 surely as a weight loser I should increase upon that.

    Apparently it's the governments line based on the WHO recommendation of at least 400g of fruit and veg a day. That threw me slightly because if I were to weigh all my fruit and veg I am guaranteed to at least double that. Particularly with the SW 1/3 plate rule.

    Does everyone one manage to get their 5 a day? Or more? Do you care? Do you count two servings of the same food as one or two (I count it as one even if in different forms eg raw and cooked carrot) Answers on a postcard (or posted below will be just fine thank you very much for coming)
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  3. eviescott

    eviescott Well-Known Member

    I dont count my 5 a day i just assume they come with the "diet" really.. as you said SW means i have to have 1/3 of my plate with super free food (always fruit or veg) so i have a banana for breakfast, i have a lot of vegetables for lunch and dinner and a snack of fruit later on... Is it my 5-a-day? I'm not sure, but to be honest I know i'm eating more of my 5-a-day than I used too!

    I always thought of this as a scheme to help young children stay off sugary snacks to be fair i shouldn't be as ignorant towards it! You've made me reflect on my thoughts now... off to go eat a banana or two
  4. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Well-Known Member

    I normally obsess over it at the start of every month, probably getting the same as you - 7ish - but it dwindles as the weeks go on and I run out of grocery money! I'm pretty good with getting enough veg, though I do tend to skip 5 different things if I've had for example a mahoosive portion of one thing, so 2 bowls of spinach only counts as 1, but I probably wont eat all 5 that day because I feel I've had a fairly large amount of "goodness".
    I do wish I ate more fruit though, I've been quite naughty with eating what I'm allowed but not enough of the superfree that I'm SUPPOSED to have lately.

    Also inspired, off to get some apples!
  5. eviescott

    eviescott Well-Known Member

    What's your favourite fruits btw? I find i am not a huge fruit lover... Although strawberries with a fat free yog and sweetner is rather yummy! But strawbs are always so expensive and i'm a student - scrimpy living :p
  6. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I swing between fresh and frozen dependant upon how close I am to needing to shop!

    I would generally have three types for breakfast with a muller so normally fresh pineapple, green and black grapes and some chopped apple or banana. Then I would have an apple for a snack or as my superfree with my lunch dependant upon what I'm taking. I love satsumas too when in season. Otherwise I'm not very adventurous. Strawberries, yes but again in season. Not keen on other berry fruits. Should try more melon maybe. With frozen fruit I tend to go pretty cheap and cheerful and have maybe asda fruit salad at 88p a bag! Shove a chopped banana with it and its fine towards the end of the week. I don't tend to eat fruit later on in the day, I'm more veg oriented later on.
  7. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Well-Known Member

    I used to do fruit salad for breakfast with Mullerlight, not sure why I stopped as it was bloody lovely! Think I might have to start that back up again, certainly beats 5 Syns for Special K!
  8. eviescott

    eviescott Well-Known Member

    Ohh melon! I forgot to buy one this week as I changed supermarkets! I also never think of having frozen fruit, but a member in our group was saying about Jelly, yoghurt and fruit combo, you make up SW friendly Jelly with 2/3 of the water and then put a flavoured fat free yoghurt and frozen fruit in and set in the fridge for an hour or two, it looks really nice as well, I must be more adventurous...
  9. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    i like the sound of this. With grapes and apple or that frozen fruit salad. Won't work with pineapple though annoyingly. The enzymes don't work well with jelly apparently and stop it setting properly. I love pineapple. Having said (or written that) though I know M&s do a pineapple jelly pot with bits of pineapple in. How do they do it? I suppose it's not just any jelly....its M&S super jelly.
  10. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Well-Known Member

    I couldn't care less really. Since joining SW I have gone from eating no fruit and veg to plenty of the stuff! I might not be getting my "5 a day", but it's a big improvement and as long as I'm eating healthier and losing weight, I really don't care what the government reccommend.
  11. eviescott

    eviescott Well-Known Member

    Hahaha super jelly... just wish it was superfree ;) I am going to buy some jelly tonight now and do this, do you know what brand i should get? I haven't bought Jelly before ! Do you know which one is low syn? (Sorry, i know there's another thread for this, i'm being lazy ): )
  12. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    No-one really cares what the government recommends I never voted for these robbing.....anyway, Unless they are using our hard earned taxes to recommend they have their duck houses cleaned....;)

    for me it's become a personal crusade and I grew up being bombarded by the idea we should eat more (even though I never actually didn't eat it). I'm more curious to see whether people mix it up variety wise etc and how we view our relationship with our 1/3 superfree :)
  13. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I have no idea but I'll have a look. I guess the sachets of sugar free crystals would be the best but I'll have a looksee
  14. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Most sugar free jelly sachets are 1.5-2syns but apparently weightwatchers do strawberry and raspberry ones that are .5 syn? Sounds good enough to me!!
  15. eviescott

    eviescott Well-Known Member

    Aww thank you :) So i just look for sugar-free ! I will do this tonight :)
  16. kingleds

    kingleds Well-Known Member

    I often look at my food diary & think I'm gonna turn into a carrot soon. I try not to worry about the equivalent of 5 a day, but I do stick to 1/3rd superfree all the time & I also make sure I have a wide variety. At least the following every day.


    Plus I try to have a new superfree once a week. I found out that I like Shannon fruit, hate celeriac & fennel. I also found out that artichokes don't roast well if you use fry light!
  17. Tinned pineapple won't stop jelly from setting, because the canning process kills off the enzyme which prevents setting.
  18. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    I used to make this loads of times pre SW days, no idea why I don't make it now it's so yummy almost like a firm mousse.
  19. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    I've no idea how many 'A day' I have, I just know I eat a lot of fruit & veg as I love it. I want to eat veggies with my meals & I want to eat fruit as a snack. ;)

    I remember a few years ago where I worked some people came in to show us their products & they asked us all if we ate 5 a day, I said yes without hesitation, she then asked if I ate 10 a day to which I had to think & you know sometimes I do, but not everyday, not sure if I was the person they were targeting:rolleyes:
  20. The report that said that baked beans could count as one of the five a day came from the British Dietetic Association. The report was funded by Heinz.

    Some years ago, the BDA did a survey of slimming clubs, and Weight Watchers came out way above any of the others. At the time, WW was owned by Heinz.
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  21. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I still count them. But I rarely eat them so am not overly concerned about my being a total sucker ;)

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