How many calories should i have ?

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by MinzieMoo, 1 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. MinzieMoo

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    I'm on week 2 of having 1200 calories per day. First week I lost 4lbs, second week...I'll know on Monday. I started at 14st 8lbs.

    I'm very confused about what TDEE & MFP say I should be having calorie wise.

    Can anyone shed any light please ?
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  3. gleggers

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    From my understanding MFP calculates the net calorie allowance and then you can add to it if you do exercise. The calorie allowance calculated using a BMR calculator factors in exercise so you don't get any extra on top of that. I have only been CC for one week tho so anathema someone with more experience can help clarify
  4. Twinrix

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    Hi MinzieMoo

    To shed some light on your question. I run calorie counting only 2 days / week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. At those days I eat just one 600 cal meal at midday, women can eat 500 cal those days. By running this diet I can relax all the other days and whatever I want and still losing weight. I have done this since 22 July 2013 and lost 14.3lb since then. I'm going for long term result.
  5. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    BMR is your basal metabolic rate. It's what your body burns by functioning to keep you alive. You shouldn't eat under your BMR.

    1200 is too low for most people. Yes, you'll lose quickly, but quick weight loss is rarely sustainable. The MFP calorie allowance takes into consideration your height, weight, activity levels and whether you want to lose 1lb a week or 2lb.
  6. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    Your TDEE is total daily energy expenditure. Basically, it should be similar to what the a MFP app says you should eat.
  7. sheone

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    My stats are exactly the same as yours, weight, height, calories per day. I am a very slow loser and I think I've done well at 1lb a week. I've been given 1200 calories per day my MFP. I don't think anyone should go below this figure. Good luck!

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