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  1. Hannah Bell

    Hannah Bell Full Member

    Hi Everyone

    I have tried doing Lipotrim and lost 2 stone before but I started my second atempt 2 weeks ago and although I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks is great I could feel myself on the verge of depression again. I feel the main problem is that all of my friends are social people who like going out and having fun. Unfortunately for me most of my friends are naturally skinny and can eat and drink what they like without gaining a thing. I have so mnay nights out birthdays, days out planned that going back on Lipotrim is now proving impossible and I cannot work around it without acting like a social recluse. Each day I set out to be strict and then something crops up that I cannot avoid meaning I have cheated on almost every day. What I have been doing though is couting all of my calories on my fitness pal and ensuring I only eat a small amount of the things I like or chose a healthy option. With all these cheats included I am absolutely delighted to say that I continue to lose weight. Yesterday I had half a muffin and a skinny latte as well as some jaffa cakes and some popcorn and due to my tiny portions of each my overall calories for the day incuding 2 healthy meals measured out was just under 1200. I know it seems stupid as everyone has always said you need to consume less than you burn but something has just sort of clicked in my head and I realise that i do not need to deprive myself anymore or make a scene about being on diet. It is a simple case of either ordering a lower calorie option or having something naughty but having just a few bites. Half of the muffin I had yesterday was 200 calories as apposed to the 400 I would have eaten if I had the whoe thing as usual. Granted I wont lose up to a stone a month as per Lipotrim but looking at the scales and having investigated further it would appear that as long as I stick to around 1200 calories a day nothing is off limits and therefore I am on a new mission to gain control over portion size. I have now left the miserable world of Lipotrim and I am on a new adventure of calories counting. I have now realised that it is far less miserable to have a smaller portion than to deprive myself of everything I love. Here goes to a new way of thinking. Hopefully this is a diet I will be able to stick to :))) Out of interest how many calories does everyone else on here eat a day?
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  3. Hannah Bell

    Hannah Bell Full Member

    It would also be good to hear the sort of weight loss everyone is achieving as well as how many calories people are eating?
  4. Legomom

    Legomom Gold Member

    Hi and welcome :) you seem to have had a real lightbulb moment!! I really hope you find CC is the diet for you ;) I'm on anything between 1200 and 1400 a day and I tend to average (when I stick to it lol) the standard 2lbs a week but it varies from month to month. CC might not be as speedy as lipotrim but it's certainly more sociable!!!
  5. Hannah Bell

    Hannah Bell Full Member

    Thanks Legomom. 2lbs a week is good for me. Lipotrim is hell and last time I did it I put weight straight back on becuI became so obsessed with food after no eating for 2 months. I find drinking loads of water helps stop me from overeating as well.
  6. Legomom

    Legomom Gold Member

    Never tried anything drastic like that! I'm too wimpy for it. I did a bit of weight watchers but it was too much effort schlepping to meetings! CC suits me far better.

    I think water really is the magic diet food!
  7. Hannah Bell

    Hannah Bell Full Member

    Don't blame u. It is really horrible especially when you are trying to lead a relatively normal life :)
  8. Bostik

    Bostik Gold Member

    Yeah, 2lbs a week is doable. Some weeks will differ obviously. But it's a decent loss when you think about it cos you can eat pretty much what you want :)
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