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How many cals in my tea for tonight

in 100 g of baked potato theres like 167 cals. But usually they are about double that weight ... some even bigger. I had a SMALL spud last night and it was 200 grams.
Coleslaw - depends really, its quite high in cals.
Salad, not many at all if it consists of just lettuce, cucumber and pepper for example - calories start racking up when you add the dressing.

to hazard a guess I would say 550 cals ... if its only about a table spoon of coleslaw and no dressing, meduim spud.
Calories in 100g of jacket potato= 136 cals approx
Calories in 100g of coleslaw = 158 cals approx

so if you have a medium sized potato (300g) and 100g coleslaw it would be approx = 566 Calories, and with salad, that will tot it up to about 600 Calories.

Enjoy. x
Had it but what a waste of calories in my opinion! grr!

Things high in carbs always contain a lot of calories.
I tend to have a small jacket spud when I have that... I avoid pasta.
I rarely have bread, but when I do its wholemeal.
Rice is a waste too.

Just starchy food really are generally full of cals.
Hard when you are CC as its those foods which fill me up!!


wants to get super fit!
I have cut out all those starchy carbs from my diet as they were my downfall! I eat quite a protein rich diet now but still get carbs from fruit, veg, quorn and fish.

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