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How many consultants?

Know about or mention this site?
At my first class someone with really good weight loss was asked what she does and she mentione d the support here and the C had never heard of it.

I can't remember how I found this site - probably searching for a SW recipes in the past. I registered a couple of years ago but have only started using it recently

I find it so useful to hear evryone's view of things and tips - the more info the better I think!
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I have mentioned minis to a few people, including our consultant, and some took the details down but don't think they have joined up. Apart from that their seems to be no interest. Their loss!!
Forums are not everyones cup of tea though.

I prefer live chat, like MSN or chatrooms, but I like that I can look back on things we spoke about 2 months ago here, where as with a chat you don't get that option, but I've come round to enjoying using forums (thanks to minimins!)

It took me a while of browsing this site before actually joining - you never know your SW classmates might be spying too :p
I have mentioed that I use a SW friendly forum but not mentioned the name. My C wasnt too pleased when I said that there was a rumor on this site that asda were going to do a HEXB pitta ..... she had to say sorry to me about it the next week as they appeared online lol.


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I mentioned it briefly once but the news was received with blank faces. On reflection, I am glad as it makes me more anonymous... I would hate it if I was *****ing about anyone from my class (I.e. my C) and someone realised it was me. Not that I make a habit of that of course :whistle:
I've mentioned it to a few people and my consultant but she hadn't heard of it!
My C doesn't seem to be a fan of SW messageboards in general. Whenever I have mentioned them (I don't mention them by name) in conversation I get eye rolls.
Nope my C has never mentioned it but iv mentioned it to a few people in my group so they might be on here xx


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You might not know this, but Slimming world had their own forum on their website once. I was a member of this board Oooo um *shows age* about 15 years ago *gulp*.

The reason why they dont have a message board anymore is that world war 3 broke out on it. Nastiness erupted, members turned on each other. Slimming world despite their best efforts couldn't control it. It got so bad Slimming World took it offline and vowed never to have a forum again. Some of us went to MSN groups and hung out there. I still am friends with some of them lol

Any how I dont mention boards i'm on, to anyone, until I know what its really like. Message boards are not always good places to come to.

However I mentioned this board to one of the members from my group this week, which shows what high regard I have for minimins :)

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