How many day 1's.........?


Never give up trying....!
This must be my 10th day one over a number of years. It is so difficult to restart and so easy to make excuses to put it off until tomorrow.
How many day ones have you had?
OMG too many too count LOL
Loads and loads! But now I have had my last ever 'day one' and that feels pretty good!
Only 1 day one :)

Ok I've had my holiday inbetween but there's no way I'm going back to day 1....not when I'm about to hit day 200 lol

A few!!

I haven't ever truly given up just had minor lapses (ok one or two major. lol)

Back on track now though!!
Only 1 day one :)

Ok I've had my holiday inbetween but there's no way I'm going back to day 1....not when I'm about to hit day 200 lol


I think thats the best way to be really, just carry on!! Day 1's can be soo demoralizing!:(
Only 1 day one :)

Ok I've had my holiday inbetween but there's no way I'm going back to day 1....not when I'm about to hit day 200 lol


You're so right Amanda..
I'm on day 299 today and I've had a few "breaks" along the way... I'm never going to have another day one, and no matter how long this journey takes me I know that I'll get to my desired destination:)

I have had so many day 1's.. in fact, I think since I was about 14 every monday has been day 1!!! So, only 12 years, lol

Tomorrow will be my last and most successful day 1!!!!
I agree with Amanda and Mandy there is only one day 1. Mine was on 20 February and even though I have had plenty of off days I am never having another day 1. I am not a failure and another day 1 would make it sound as though I were.
Irene xx
Hi guys i would be the same as loopy and the other non-day 1'ers on this one. i'm on day 137 and have had breaks and little slips but i'm never ever going back to day 1 cos its such a psychological thing thinking you are starting all over again, where if you see it as just continuing after a break it just doesn't seem so bad!

Make whenever you started this time your last day one and just count from there and if you have days off or slips just pick urself up and continue counting them days!!

good luck

Gen xx
Prior to LL I have had so many day 1's I couldn't begin to count them especially as I have tried to block them out :(

The difference for me this time came when instead of finding myself saying 'right that's it, I start my diet on Monday' I was actually desparate to start it NOW :D

There is always and excuse not to start or to fall off the wagon but this time I have decided to be a right selfish cow and go for it no matter what! :p
God yeah Chicken
How many excuses do we make not to start/continue day 1?
I think we have to try and get in our minds this isnt DAY 1 its a new start the way we have to live our lives?
I dont want anymore Day 1's so when I start LL its my new life
I also think you have to forget day 1's. This is ALL psychological. You have to THINK about this before you start.

How much do you want to lose weight? How much do you hate being overweight? What would you give to be slim? How will you cope with the weaker moments? Do you have someone to call? How will you feel when you've reached your goal? How will you look? How will it change your life? What new things will your new body enable you to do? When do you start?


For me it isn't about any of those questions because nothing has changed for any of them from when I did all my failed attempts. For me it is having found a strength to consider the weaknesses in my personality that manifested as the self destructive behaviour of binging and over eating.

I now am strong enough to look inside and have found a structured programme that allows me to do it bit by bit and target certain areas :) but I don't want to be slim and healthy any more than I did years ago.
Hi... I haven't thought about how many day ones I've had... that's negative pscychology and will only convince you more that you fail again yet again... and maybe even that if you fail again then it is a little acceptable as you have done previously .... so it doesn't matter!?

This time I have found the true revalation to be my change in mentality...

Now "I want to lose weight more than I want to eat"

I think this is the key... to keep ur eye on the goal... and spend a little time each day thinking about where it is you want to be... How being slimmer will affect your life; even if you are unable to envisage yourself slimmer... just being able to have a little time thinking of the impact it will have.

ie Making things easier to do... Feeling more comfortable... Maybe getting chatted up? .....

Good Luck!
This time it WILL WORK!

Don't think of failures... THINK OF SUCCESS!!

Chicken - you misunderstand my post. I didn't suggest any of those things were less valid at any stage. Ofcourse they are always valid, but revisiting WHY you want to lose weight and the benefits, reinforces them and helps you to re-focus.

Weaknesses exist when the weakness becomes stronger than the goal. :)

I think you misunderstood mine. I can revisit why I want to lose weight and the benefits until I am blue in the face but it doesn't help me 'focus' because it doesn't solve anything.

My point is that it isn't about the weight or the food I eat, that is just a symptom of other problems in my life and wanting and needing to lose weight doesn't help me in any way shape or form in dealing with my problems which lead to the overeating. That is like telling an alcoholic or drug addict to remember how much better things will be if they don't take their drug of choice, it will work in the short term but isn't a long term solution :(

If I feel the need to over eat, this is not about the food but it is about not being able to cope with aspects of my life. As I have learnt to deal with the true issues that lead to the over eating then the diet has become easier and my dependence on food has been reduced.

For example, if I have a panic about a situation in my life I don't think 'I mustn't eat or I'll get fat again' because that is the least of my worries. What will help and actually works for me is 'why do I feel like this, what can I do to solve the problem I am faced with'. Because I now work towards solving the problem in the first instance I feel more in control and better about life and don't have that emotional need for food. :)

You have said in other posts that your weight has gone on because you eat too much of the right things - my mum thinks her weight problem is due to the same reason so I can understand where you are comming from. My weight problem can't be dealt with that simply unfortunately :(

I am glad that you have found an attitude that works for you and your post will be help so many people but it doesn't even come close to helping me focus on losing weight.

I state my case as what works for you won't work for everyone because there are so many diferent reasons for gaining and not being able to lose weight in the first place and unless people can work out why, although they may well be successful in losing the weight in the first place the chances are the weight will go back on eventually and that is my point. Your approach and mine are just a couple of many answers on how to keep focussed and they are all relevant for somebody but not everybody.