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how many days off are you allowed?

I could be wrong, but I think it's 6 holidays we're allowed if we let our consultant know beforehand.

If you don't want to use a holiday, you can always just not go, and pay double next week for the week you missed. It depends which way you want to work it.

Hope you're feeling better soon xx
From my C when I asked the same thing a few weeks ago...

"As for how many holidays you can book, you have 6 absences a year (illness and holiday) after which if you miss class, you will be charged the missed class fee "

By night off - I assume you mean you don't want to get weighed tonight - not you want to just not stick to SW and therefore not get weighed later in the week.

You could always go and get weighed at another class later in the week if there is one available!
You must tell your consultant in advance though, or you will be charged for the missed week.
And yes, it is 6 holidays/missed weeks allowed per year.


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You're allowed 6 holiday/sick days in a 12month period. But you should inform your consultant before hand (mine insists by 3pm on the day - as that's when she hooks the laptop up to download updates) to allow changes to go through. It can still be over-ridden in group but can cause the queue to grow as the person on the social team may wish to confirm with the consultant that it was known about.

Once those 6 holiday/sickness days are used up - you WILL be charged (except at the discretion of the consultant). However - if you have brought a countdown - I believe there's no over-ride for sickness and you will loose a week on the countdown.

But the other option is to go weigh-in at another group this week if possible and save the holiday/sickness day. Your card will work at any group.
I was wondering about this also I missed two classes due to shingles and texed both weeks to say there was no way I could make class. When I went back she told me she would have to contact head office and the week after told me I had lost the weeks... it pissed me off a bit, sorry to hijack, just wanted to share :).
I had a countdown not sure if this makes a difference...
Debridger said:
this is normal for a countdown once it's in the system, that's it - you can however book a couple of weeks holiday, then move them if necessary, if you don't use them it doesn't matter
Thanks :)

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