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how many grams of fat do you have??

On my fitness pal it says for me 41g and I'm on 1200 cals a day. Hope that helps! X

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thank u!! yes that is helpful, as its not too different to what i aim for so at least i know im not way off :) x
yeah i keep carbs sensible and try not to over indulge....but god its hard at times!!! lol. my weigh in is due on monday morning :) its all going ok, iv stuck to 1300 - 1500 cals each day except 1 day where we had an unexpected take away! but im hoping it wasnt too damaging! iv not checked my weight at all so iv no idea if its having the desired result or not. im looking forward to getting back to swimming at start of march when my gym is reinstated on the 1st :) how r u getting on?? xx
Ooh good luck for monday! I have been struggling this week and this morning I had a bacon roll in wetherspoons and a mocha! so im going to get on Just Dance in a mo to burn some of it off! xx
aw, my week hasnt been perfect. but we plod on :) how did the wii dance go? the batteries in my wii remote have died, gotta go get some so ours is out of action at mo :-( xx
Well I did about 40 mins but have been bad all day!! I got sick of our batteries dying so bought rechargeable ones! X

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40 min is good tho!! i think my OH has rechargable ones in his remote control cars so i think il raid them :D:D

iv not been good today, i just had my dinner after not eating much all day but i know its taken me over the 1300 id intended to stick to :( and i had a belgium bun :eek::eek: when i say not eaten much during the day, i mean iv picked!! eaten nothing substantial or beneficial.

im thinking of trying a new approach as im finding im hungry during the day and need energy so tend to want to snack. so iv looked up a plan called the reverse diet, have u heard of it? u basically eat your main meal at breakfast, and your light meal in evening. if done seriously u would eat a roast dinner at 6am :eek: but i think il pass on that and just do it where i eat most of my cals in morning and eat less at lunch, and lesser still at tea time like cereal, i dont mind cereal for tea :p. apparently, u get really good results, il try any thing :D:D:D so im prepared to start this tmrw......iv got a weird menu planned tho :D:D xx
Sort of heard of it, I'm interested to see how you go! What's your menu for tomorrow?

I need to sort myself out I'm being so crap with food. I am hungry a lot too xx

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well tmrw im having a pasta snack sachet thing, it makes 1 meal for 500 cals for breakfast, a banana at 100 cal for a snack, cereal and skimmed milk at 300 cal for lunch, a mixed garden salad with some chicken for 100 cal snack, dinner is a muller yoghurt with a piece of fruit and then im treating myself to a high lights hot chocolate in the evening. there is also 3/4 pint of skimmed milk for coffee....totals to 1300 cals but only 12g fat so very low fat.

so its still CCing, but changing where and how i consume the cals. its going to feel like im eating all day! i dont know about u but in the past, if iv had a big breakfast, iv not been hungry in the day and struggle to eat lunch so im guessing it will work in the same way :) maybe u should give it a try if it works!! im quite excited to see how it works out :) xx

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