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How many litres a day...

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by *Karen*, 19 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. *Karen*

    *Karen* Has Wobbly Bits

    do you all drink? I've been sticking to 2.5 - 3 litres a day, depending on what time I go to bed. Do you long time CDers really believe the more you drink, the more you shrink? Or should I just stick to what I'm doing?
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  3. kellymundy

    kellymundy Well-Known Member

    I've drunk 6 litres the last 2 days (first 2 days on CD SS) and everyone will probably tell me off but I couldn't resist getting on the scales this morning for a sneeky peek, and I've lost 4 1/2lbs already.
    I know I have no idea if this is to do with the water I've been drinking but it can't be doing any harm (other than I have more spots than a ladybug).
    I personally would glug as much as humanly possible! ;)
  4. Julesy

    Julesy Likes being a girly girl

    Hi Karen,

    I usually drink 3L during the morning and mid afternoon and then a further 2L during late afternoon.....I tend to just sip little amounts past 7pm as I don't want to be on and off the loo all night! :)

    The key to this diet I beleive is water......it certainly fills me up if I feel a little wobble (usually when I'm making the kids their tea!) and there are a million other reasons why it is so good too.....

    Have you read this thread hun?
  5. misscheeky

    misscheeky Well-Known Member

    Ive been drinking 4 a day now since last week. started at 2.5 then 3 then 3.5. Going to stick at 4litres per day now :)
  6. wigglychick

    wigglychick Well-Known Member

    I drink 4 litres a day - I feel ill if I drink only 2, when I phoned Cambridge to describe my 'ill' feelings I was recommended to drink 4/day.
  7. DeliciousBoo

    DeliciousBoo Is a woman on a mission.

    3 litres a day...I do pee alot but I feel a lot more energetic.
  8. annie_d

    annie_d Well-Known Member

    Some days i can manage 4 litres but usually less. Just too busy at work. I nurse someone with polydipsia and sometimes, seeing her drink the way she feels compelled, put me off! It's all ups and downs isn't it? One day at a time. I tell you what though....i have become full of "tritisms" since starting this blo0dy diet! LOL

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