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How many men are on Lipotrim

How many men are on Lipotrim

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    Votes: 9 64.3%
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    Votes: 5 35.7%

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There's me, half way through week 3 and at last finding it fairly easy:):):):):).
Welcome aboard.
starting week 8 today
Yep I've had the same problem mainly when I get up out of the chair, one of the main reasons I wanted to go on the diet wasn't vanity but because I have high blood pressure, its controlled with drugs but the side effects are rotten. Along with the weight dropping I'm glad to say so is the blood pressure - quite drastically:), I think when I'm getting up from a chair the pressure is a bit low and I get the "black out" type thing, although it only lasts for a split second. Another 1/2 stone and I'm off to the Docs to get my meds adjusted
That is a bit high, but as far as I know its usually low bp that causes blackouts, high bp causes a lot more serious problems.
Hey , Im a bloke too... well last time i looked i was..

I get a bit dizzy when i stand up too. but i just have to settle myself and drink some water straight away and then I am fine.. I do zone out a bit and loose focus.. (dont tell my boss) But its nothing too serious.. I am drinking too much coffee which i think isnt too good.. I get shakes from it.

The last time on LT this just lasted for a week max, then it was grand.

I would say just to be on the safe side discuss the side affects with your chemist or GP.. Better to be safe than sorry.

All the best lads!

blood pressure

:confused: Thanks fellas- was getting worried about the light-headed thing as am on blood pressure tabs and have lost 2 and a half stone as I start the 6th week of 12. Am feeling f***ing fantastic but had started to worry about the head-flip thing on standing. Have also had to stop reading on the bog as left leg goes to sleep and the arms go dead whilst asleep far more often without 2000 psi surging thru the veins anymore. hoping the pain under the ribcage is the stomach shrinking and not the onset of a heart-attack!
Another bloke here, on day 14.

I get dizzy when exercising but no black outs thankfully.

I'm doing this for 28 days, the another 28 days on no carbs, then healthy diet and continue exercising.......
Hello troops I'm staring to find this easy, week eight starts tomoro 54lbs gone, i have to tell you all I've been on the flapjacks for the last two weeks and find them good and will continue the next two month on em,I'm basically sheding between 5-7lbs a week mabe a hour a week cardio.
week2= 8lbs
they recone a stone of fat is 36000 cals.
the recone I need 3600 a day.
I'm getting 600.
thats 3000 a day shed=near a lbs a day
all the best to you all
soda water n ice does it for me asda 3 ltrs £1.20

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Any of you guys on blood pressure meds who have lost a couple of stone should go to your GP and ask to have meds reviewed. If your BP is weight related and not genetic then you may well be taken off your meds and reviewed a month later and then takn off permanently.
Yet another fella here! Going well thus far!!!!!


Full Member
Another Male checking in.

2nd time on LT - started today.
Did 4 weeks back in 2008 and lost 2 stone. Hoping to go further this time!
Another here. First day is tomorrow. Im at 227 lbs at the moment aiming for around a 165-180. Being quite a large built bloke im going to see what I look like and then decide if I want to aim for the 165. Good to know there are other blokes on here. Really want this to work.

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