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Hi there- I walk a heck of a lot more than I ever used to, and also do a body balance class at my gym- its a mix of tai chi, yoga and pilates. I do both of these for toning and couldn't tell you whether they have helped my weight loss, which has been a steady 3lbs a week when I have'nt cheated! BUT- now I have lost so much weight I find I am naturally more active all the time- hopefully that will help me maintain in the future.


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I am just about to start, off to the gym tonight, only going to go on the treadmill.


I want to be slim !!
Hi, I have just started bike riding,
Im on 790 plan and trying to do 3 mile every other day.
there are so many hills in Yorkshire :eek:

Will let you know if it makes any difference on weight loss.

But the fresh air is good !!
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I've started doing a little bit of exercise.... little being the operative word!!! I have one of those clothes horse things in my bedroom.... otherwise known as a cross trainer lol!! It has sat for nearly two years and finally started using it - can only manage about 2 mins and my legs are dead but reckon even a little has to be better than nothing! Also doing about 15 sit-ups a night - have had 2 C Sections so concerned that this horrible flap of fat won't go away.... doing all I can to help shift it!

Trudz xx
I do an excercise dvd try and do it every night and have just started bike riding I think il try and alternate it each night weather depending too!!!

I think it has made a difference last week aamw I thought I had ruined cos added a lil bit more food each day and thought Id lose 2 max but lost 5!!!!! I put it down to the excercise!!!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
I'm currently not doing any, was advised to be careful in the first couple of weeks. I am concerned that it will negatively effect my weight loss - does anybody have any experience of this. I was intending to start with toning, have recently bought a flexi-bar.



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I haven't started yet but have become more active as I've got used to being in ketosis. Keep thinking about it but so far haven't started!!
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i cycle to and from work 5 x a week which is about 6 miles a day . dont know about weight loss but my bum is noticing the difference lol


I can do this.
Apart from walking the dog and doing a little on my treadmill, not a lot.


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When I was ssing I did exercise much more than normal. I read somewhere that it can help with the loose skin issue and I liked the fact that I was getting much fitter.
Hiya, don't exercise as such yet...i'm waiting for a letter from my GP to say i can join the gym again, hopefully that'll be this week :-D i LOVE the gym i know that might sounds odd but i love feeling exhausted it's satisfying knowing i've done a good work out and then i get to go for a relaxing swim and jump (not literally) in the hydrotherapy pool to unwind those muscles and a 15min sauna oooo HEAVEN
I too am a gym addict ... loving the high that my body (bless it) gives me from those little enporphine (sp) things it releases following a good work out! Makes you feel rather good about yourself!! Shame we don't get them from eating chocolate ... having rethought that, it's just as well we don't get them from eating chocolate!!! Imagine!!

Just have to remember to take it easy at the gym when on SS ... I can easily do 500kcals in a CV session and so tone it down to just a lesiurely walk to ensure my bod doesn't give out on me! I can't see how exercise will have a negative effect on weight loss while on SS assuming that we are careful not to overdo it! Remember that resistance training is also very handy when on SS to protect the muscle tissue ... muscles are our friends as they use up energy even while at rest!! So let's hear a big shout out to the major muscles for their contribution to our weight loss crusades .... yey for the gluteals, hamstrings, quads & abs!!!
What's resistance training? i've been told i'm not allowed to do any weights at my gym (am on anticoagulants) as their insurance doesn't cover if i spontaneously bleed from overdoing it lol


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I just started back exercising again 3 days ago:character00116: I am trying to do 1 hour of walking or cardio a day and weights 3 times a day. I did CD before and when i lost weight I worked out and it really seem to help with getting my body back in shape, I am so scared of having flabby skin. I dont know if it help with losing extra pounds but it helped with inches and getting my body back in great shape,:party0049:

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