How many of you are Psychologists?


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During the time I've spent using Minimims I've been surprised by how many of us have some sort of background in psychology. I have a did a Bsc years ago but took it no further, many seem to be currently studying or postgraders. Or history in counselling or psychology. Let's see how many of us there are?

Do you have any theories why there are so many of us?

Is it that we are the type that find chatting things through helps or are we more prone to eating problems?

It's something I've been increasingly wondering and so thought I see if any of you have any thoughts too.

Dizzy x
Me mememeeeeee.....unfortunately! I actually want to be a social worker....which everyone looks at me funny for.

My theory is that due to the strange situation paradigm by Mary someone or other maybe we are all on here because we are psychology people and it makes us mad and ...yes....well, thats it.
You are correct 3 years + 2 for A level was enough for me of delving into the mind. I never got over it!
I did a degree in psychology (but you already know that Dizzy!!). Changed to criminology though for my MSc and now waiting to start at a young offenders institution but in the education department!! It's a roundabout way of joining the forensic psychology deapartment (and going full circle) although I may decide to do a PhD in criminology when I can think of something significant enough to do it on. I don't know why there are so many psychologists on here but can think of 2 reasons-

1) It's an incredibly popular degree choice esp amongst mature students so it's just a question of probability

2) Strange fact but was reading that female psychologists and psychiatrists are more prone to suicide than the average woman in the population. If they are more prone to depression, they may be more prone to eating disorders, weight problems and self analysis etc. (I know I love learning about people and their motivations which I put down to nosiness, not my choice of degree). But this is pop-psychology of the highest degree and I have no supporting journal articles to back this up!! Plus I think they were referring to professional psychologists and not psychology graduates.

I did an A level in psychology last year. I was going to study it at degree level .... until I found out how much maths is involved!

So now I'm doing English and Creative writing with Heritage studies instead! :D (Arty farty tart that I am!)

(Enjoyed what I did in Psychology though!)
You know i have a BSc in Psychology Diz!
A have also taught A level psychology, and worked in pharmaceuticals discussing Prozac with psychiatrists!!
LOL - At a quick glance, I thought the title of this thread was "How many of you are psychopaths?"
I just have a keen interest in seeing what makes people tick.

None as queer as folk.

LOL - At a quick glance, I thought the title of this thread was "How many of you are psychopaths?"


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Lenore is the girl in my avatar - the cute little dead girl. Roman Dirge is her creator.
the comic is about a lil girl who caught a chill and died...ok not pleasant sounding admittedly but she has a house (ummm) and weird friends...

Its very strange but a great read and fantastic art.

Me Gosh loves Lenore but she cant stand him. Tortures him constantly. He seems to love it.

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