how many of you do WW yourself at home?


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hello :)

im planning to do WW myself at home when i start up again in the new year - just wondering how many of you girls on here do it by yourselves rather than go to the classes.

just bought a copy of the WW shopping and eating out guide for 2008 off ebay so have been having a look at them etc.

do you think its acheivable to do on your own - or do you think a group atmosphere is the way forward.
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I think there's quite a few people on here that go it alone - these boards and everyone on them, provide fantastic support.

I'm following the online plan and it would be so tough without the support on here.


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I did do it myself at home for a while and did quite well. Problem came when I went on holiday, I just wasn't disciplined enough to get myself back on track, so have been to classes ever since. I do find it suits me, but each to their own.
Really good luck to you whichever you choose.


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I'm doing it myself as I cant afford the meetings or the 'at home' plan - working for me at the moment - but this forum is a big part of my sticking to it :D Everyone is so supportive.

Good luck


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i'm the same as Jax - do it alone cause its too expensive to go to classes! I know fine well if i hadnt found this forum i would have given up after a few weeks.. but everyone on here is great :D


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I'm doing it at home for the moment...see how it works out. I did go to classes but got too expensive for me.


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I don't trust my self to do ww at home as i am bad enought when i go to the classes!!


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thanks girls :)

Born to try

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me and my gf have been on the plan for 6 days - we are going to do it ourselves... if we find it doesn't work we'll sign up. We never used to stay for the meeting... its a lot of money to get someone to weigh you...


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Hi there. I go alone at home and so far so good :D My sister is going alone too so we do have that little bit of competition and I think that helps :D


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Hi, I do it at home too! I honestly didnt think I would have the will power to do it as I am totally rubbish! However, the program is so great and the support you receive on here is amazing!
Good luck with your journey!! :)


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S: 11st11lb C: 9st8lb G: 9st1lb BMI: 23 Loss: 2st3lb(18.79%)
thanks for your replies - i defintately think that coming on here will be a big help to me!


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I first did WW 6 years ago and lost 6 stone, I did it on my own buying all the books off Ebay, there was never even one week when I put on, I lost every week. Unfortunately I put about 4 stone back on, but that was partly my fault (70% blame) and partly due to some injections I was having for 6 months and one of the side effects was weight gain (30% blame) can't blame WW at all! This time I just don't have the discipline that i had back then so I go to classes, but if you feel you have the discpline and self motivation then def go it alone and save all that money, this website is invaluable as well, so come on here loads x


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my friend is doing it at home on her own from books and she's doing brilliantly - i saw her last night and it's made a huge difference already.

she said it has helped doing it with her mum as they keep each other motivated


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I do think having someone to weigh in with is a big help. I used to get weighed at Boots with my mum and I lost quite a bit that way (too scared not to lol).