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How many re-starters???

Hi all. I am new to CD, just finished Day 4 and so far feeling great. My first weigh in is not for another week and I am determined to stick at it. I know CD is like any other diet and that even once you reach target you have to work to maintain and not gain weight by not going back to your previous bad habits. But my one question is this (and I know this has probably been asked before)........ how many of you have actually reached your target and maintained it? I am just worried because I can't really afford financially to lose weight, then gain weight and rejoin, so failure for me is not an option. Sorry if it sounds like I am being hard on myself. I have 3 stone to lose to be back within healthy BMI.
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Hello 'Overtiredmum'

I am hoping to start the CD next week - I lost 5 1/2 stone on WW in 2006 and then regained 3 stone in 2007 after swearing to never go back. I feel exactly the same as you but I am determined to do it this time AND KEEP IT OFF!!!

Just discovered this site, I'm hoping that being able to talk to other dieters at anytime will help keep me motivated.

I look forward to reading about your successes in the coming weeks - GOOD LUCK!!!

Susie x

I lost 4 stone on CD, I started at 13 1/2 stone and my goal weight was 9 1/2 stone. I have maintained my goal weight for 7 months so far and as every week passes I am more and more confident that I'll continue to maintain.

It's very scary when you read the statistics about how many people reach their goal in the first place let alone how many stay at goal! But don't let that put you off. I have yo yo dieted for over 25 years and tried every diet under the sun. Or so I thought until I discovered CD, I'd never tried a VLCD before and to my delight it was the best thing I ever did. I strongly believe that if I can do this anyone can.

Every other diet I tried I never actually got to a my goal weight, I'd always lose a couple of stone and something would happen and I'd have a blip, this would lead to feeling like a failure and guilt etc. and so I'd think what the hell I'm meant to be fat! I believe that if you see it right through to goal and follow the stabilisation steps to the letter then you can maintain a healthy weight. Once you hit goal you feel so much more confident and this I think has given me the drive to assess why I've been overweight since childhood and face the food addictions I had and what would start a binge etc.

Crikey I've waffled a bit:eek:

Wishing you all the best with CD, stick with it, it is so so so worth it:D

I have maintained since August last year, a few pounds on over Xmas, but they are almost off again. You do have to work at it, but it is very possible. Good luck.

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