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How many syns do you have each day?


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I posted earlier this week cause I rarely get to five. I've made effort this week to aim higher as they say 5 for a reason (keep body burning fat I would imagine but not 100%).

Some people count down from a weeks worth and others woth with 15 a day. I guess you should play with them and see what works for you. But bear in mind I was stingy with mine and caved and went nuts at the weekend - so don't deprive self xxx


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I have a lot of weight to lose so I am frightened to drop them to low, so I usually have between 8 - 12 a day and maybe 15 at the weekend, I average about 90 syns a weeks.


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I give myself 10 a day but sometimes don't use many, some days I use them all. I tend to have around 20 leftover at the weekend so have a "treat" then :) I don't go over 70 a week.
I want to lose a stone and a half and I try and stick to about 7 a day. I sometimes wonder if I should increase it a little bit to 10 as a friend who has this many seems to lose more. I'm still figuring it out. Good luck


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Rule of thumb is always start with 15 and see what your losses are like, if they are too slow, or STS a lot, drop them to 12, then 10 then 8 etc. but never go below 5. See what suits you. Generally the more you have to loose the higher the number should be, so when it gets to sharp end you have something to cut back on quite a bit!

Natt xxx


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The big wigs at SW say you shouldn't save up your syns as it encourages binges, which isn't healthy - so use them or loose them! But I say as long as you are averaging 5-15 a day (35-105 per week) and it works then carry on! This is why I'm not a consultant - I hate rules!

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There are some days where I dont have any, but others where I have up to 6. I dont want to have my syns, dont feel deprived and Im still loosing weight.


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When I was losing weight (pre target days) I always always used 15 a day. I made sure I did!

These days I tend to have up to 10 and then a treat on a weekend (meal out for example).

Now I'm "dieting" again to lose an extra couple of pounds it's a bit harder to lose so I'm trying not to have more than 10 a day.

They are there for a reason. don't cut down on them unless you really have to cos when the going does get tough, and as you get closer to target it will, then this is what you will cut down on.


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I start the week with 105 and count down. Most are used friday and saturday and I shan't cut down till my weightloss slows. In fact I lose better on 105 than 70!
I allow 15 a day, and at the moment most days I use them in general cooking and maybe the odd treat. I won't cut back on them till the weight comes to a standstill for a couple of weeks and then see what happens.

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