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How many syns SHOULD I aim for?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Laddiesboy, 18 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    Hi all, and thanks in advance for your help ...

    I am a guy, and as such I get 5 - 20 syns per day - that much I know!

    Do I HAVE to use 5? That is to say, I shouldn't have any days with 4,3,2,1 or 0 syns?

    Should I AIM for 20, rather than fall short of it?

    I understand that, perhaps ironically, you MUST use your syns for this diet to work, but wonder what the OPTIMAL amount to aim for for me would be?

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  3. I think when you first start out you are so desperate for it to work you tend to stick to the diet ridgidly (i only used to use syns for my chili sauces, mayo etc)

    ...however you will probably find in a few weeks you start to miss certain things (hot chocolate and kitkats in my case) - GO FOR IT - if you notice that your loses slow down the drop your syns down a little.

    Just make sure you keep on top of them - honesty is the best policy :)
  4. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    Oooh, I didn't know men could have up to 20!

    basically, what's worked for me is that most days I have some syns, but not necessarily 5 - sometimes it's 3, 4, 10, whatever.
    Some days I have none. Some days I have lots!
    What I try to do is keep within my allowance for the *week*.

    Seems to have worked for me so far ;)
  5. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    Hi R.E.M. and thanks for the reply. I too am an R.E.M., and this is why I feel SW is the right place for me to be, but I digress!

    I know I am allowed a maximum of 20 per day, but I was wondering if it was ok for me to have 0 some days, or only a couple, or is it MORE important for me to actually use them?

    I have planned the week ahead food wise and several days I have 0 syns (mainly as I love so much of the free food lol). Should I add some syns to bump up the figure? And if so, what figure should I aim for?
  6. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    Thanks very much, that's exactly what I had hoped :D

    I am allowed up to 20, but so long as it is 20 or under I am being good. Simples :17729:
  7. kathleen1960

    kathleen1960 Member

    15 is a good number to aim for you can always lower it if you do not lose or increase it if you need to. if you do not use syns you may find as y ou lose weight and plateau you have nothing to "cut down on" so to speak if it makes sense? also if you do not use your syns then all of a sudden begin too your weightloss may slow down in my experience ..... x
  8. Hi Ladiesboy

    If you dont use them it can have an adverse affect on your weight loss.....strange but true.

    SW is based around low calorie filling foods so you can actually eat heaps more for your calorie quota....if you dont get enough calories your body can go into starvation mode and store fat - so I understand, someone put me straight if I am wrong! :) Thats where the syns give a helping hand.

    Trial and error is my best advise!

    Good luck
  9. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    My hubby joined SW and he was told 15, like us girls. He'll be pleased to know he can have 20 but will ask our consultant.
    I agree it's important to have some syns and I agree, start with 15 and if it works stick to it or add or reduce. See how it goes.
    Try not to cut back to zero, as you do need those calories, as has been said.
    Good luck on this amazing journey!
  10. cara08

    cara08 Silver Member

    i go by the weekly total of 105 syns and some days have little or non and others more, it usually works for me and if i have a bad day i can make up for it during the week
  11. babybloo

    babybloo Extra Easy Apparently...!

    I've never heard before that you can have 20 syns so checked my books and it says between 5-15 syns per day so I would double check the 20 syns if I were you. With regards your other question you should aim to eat all your syns per week and as close to your 15 as possible but I don't think it matters if you have slightly more on some days and slightly less on others.
  12. cara08

    cara08 Silver Member

    i was trying to say the same thing but it didn't come out right lol
  13. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    Thanks for all your replies :)

    I have never seen mention of 20 syns per day either, so I will double check on Tuesday when I go for my 1st WI.

    I will also get her opinion on how many syns I should actually use (as opposed to my maximum) and what she thinks about using a weekly rather than daily total, and I'll let you know what she says.

    In the meanwhile, I have planned my foods for today through to Thursday next week, and my syn totals per day are 10/20/11/6/7/10 so a reasonable average to be getting on with I think

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