How many syns yesterday?


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I hate to think how many I had!!! No idea, but I'm sure it exceeds
your total!

Oh well...only one day of the year! x


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Well done for counting up, you still have 17 syns left for the rest of the week! :D

I did start counting my syns but by the evening I had lost track. I know I had too much chocolate and to be honest I didn't really enjoy it but still I kept stuffing it in my face :sigh: .
I'm going to draw a line under it and move on. This morning I have started the day with mullerlight and fruit, I have some sw leek and potato soup I made on Christmas eve ready for lunch.:D

I am going to put away all the 'crap' into a cupboard and hopefully it won't be calling to me today.


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I used a grand total of..............11 1/2 (ish)

5 went on gravy
1 1/2 went on orange and mandarin mousse
and now for the ish part....

1 glass (approx 1/3rd of a bottle) of alcohol free pear cider........which I guesstimated to 5 syns.

I would have had more syns (and intended to) but I'm full of a cold, and for yesterday evening had trouble tasting anything. :(

But today I'm feeling much better, and have 'another Christmas' dinner at the in-laws....:eek: So today's syns will probably be much worse........much, much worse........:rolleyes: :p

Happy Holidays

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I didn't count how many I had but lots more than all of you, I had:-

  • christmas pud (with 0% greek yoghurt)
  • mince pie
  • 3 large JD's
  • 1 Gin
  • few licorice bit thingies
  • & one choc
But MIL always comes round on Saturday with wine & chocs, & weather permitting tonight will be no different, so will just have to face the consequences at WI on Wednesday :cool:


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I have no idea how many syns I had but I imagine at least a couple of weeks worth. On the plus side still feel so full today haven't eaten yet, and just going for a long walk to try and work some of it (well perhaps one tiny chocolate) off.


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I was determined NOT to count as it's Christmas and only comes but once a year. I expect to put on a few pounds, but I know I can lose it again so am not concerned in the slightest. :D


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Not sure how many I had as I was not counting yesterday but must have been about 50, which included a bottle of wine to myself, 3 brandies, 2 roasties done in goose fat and some cheese and a few biscuits.
No pudding, chocs or mince pies.
Back to plan for today. Another flexi day tomorrow, as off to son's for a family get together.


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I used 12.5 syns, I cooked everything and made it SW friendly.


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I've been careful with what I've been eating so far but I have had extras and enjoyed myself. However compared with what I normally eat over Christmas I've had far less. I've had few chocolates, no mince pies and I've eaten a lot of fruit and fresh veg. I've even drunk a bit less alcohol than I normally would at Christmas.

However I have still consumed a vast number of syns. Wednesday, after my weigh in was 23.5, Christmas Eve was 95.5, Christmas Day was 86 and 14 so far today. That's a grand total of 219. I haven't even had my dinner today yet.

About half of my syns are alcohol related but it's still a lot of syns for a bit of Christmas pud with cream and a few biscuits and chocolates. I can't even begin to imagine how many syns I must have put away over Christmas before SW. It's certainly been an eye opener counting my syns.


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Think I had 4576789367583 syns :break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:eek:ver the past 3 days, I feel disgusted with myself, I had liquer coffee with cream, crisps, some choc, wine, roast potatoes, pork pie pastry (I don't like the meat)

I had such good intentions, but going back 100% tomorrow with plenty of speed foods, although I do have a party, but I have said I will drive and I am cooking dinner so it will be sw friendly.

I have to weigh in Tuesday so not looking forward to that. :cry:

I am so craving some fruit :eek:


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I didnt bother to count!!! :p

I made SW roasties and a very low syn trifle so the only synful things i had really were:
  • Hangover breakfast - everything SW apart from the white muffin, ketchup and butter :rolleyes:
  • Cream Crackers
  • Stuffing
  • Butter
  • Gravy
  • Handful of dry roasted nuts
  • Some roses and mingles (about 8)
  • Couple of slices of 800g brown bread in the evening to have a beef sandwich
Im not even going to try and count :cool:


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Im disappointed as intended to have very low syn Christmas Day but totting up my syns make it 54, ans Ive gad another 30 today! I know Ive got to draw a line under these 2 days of abandon! Anyone got any tips for motivation to nip it in the bud and get straight back on track tomorrow?!xxx