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How Many Times Have You Cheated?

HI all - am starting Cambridge diet next week.

Fingers crossed I will stick to it and WILL shift the 4 stone I need to lose by Sept.

But I have noticed from the boards on this site that people often stray from the diet.

How many times have you cheated while on the diet? if you do cheat - I assume that you have to start all over again to get your body back into Ketosis (like Atkins)
Is it harder restarting i.e. do you still have same unpleasant few days??
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Hi, when I did cambridge last year I was 100% on ssing and lost 4 stone very quickly, then went on hols didnt restart put 5 back on and ive been struggling since last december to restart.
I can only manage a few days without caving in now and this does seem to be a trend with restart being a lot harder for some reason.
Good luck with your cd journey, stick with it 100% and you will have your weight gone with no problems very soon. Sarahxx.


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I've cheated quite a few times also. Just keep wondering how much weight I'd have lost by now if I'd stuck to it 100%. When I crave something, I seem to start thinking..'oh, i'll just re-start tomorrow'. NO, No, no!

Good luck with the diet. If I were you I'd try your hardest to stick to it, you'll see some fab results in no time! IT IS MOST DEFINATELY HARDER TO STICK TO AFTER YOUR FIRST ATTEMPT.
I've been on the diet for almost 4 weeks and I have to say due to my lifestyle I haven't stuck to SS 100% for any week. I know this isn't the aim but it's the way my life is and that isn't going to change.
What I have been doing though is choosing wisely low calorie, low GI when I have strayed and I've tried to ensure that I at least have 3-4 consecutive days on SS.
My weight loss hasn't been massive compared to some of the wonder dieters you read on the site but it's been good for me. 7lb - Week1, 2.5lbs-Week2, 4.0lbs -Week3.
I want to lose weight and I want to lose it consistently but the most important thing for me is that once I lose this weight I have to keep it off.
I think when I do stray it's teaching me to change my eating habits (I don't go mad and I make wise choices). This I'll need for life so if it takes me longer to get the weight off and I continue to lose weight, I shall continue on this path.

Good Luck and I'm sure you'll find the right approach for you


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Hi! Finish week 5 tommorrow (AAMW) and have not cheated once. I guess its all down to PERSONAL choice. I set myself a goal back in January and that was to loose 10 stone by November 2008. 3 stone down and 7 to go and still as focused now. If you get inventive with your packs really no need to cheat.

I want this so much that nothing, and I mean NOTHING not even a lick of a spoon, a crumb of bread, NOTHING but Cambridge products have passed my lips. I took a lot of inspiration from Ice, his before and after pics in Florida did it for me, as that is my goal too.

Good luck and if you do stray - draw a line under it, and start again THEN, not the next day.

Good luck xx
I can say hand on heart, i have not cheated at all.. and nor has my hubby.. i know that if i had a 'taste' of food i would want more.. just like TTey said, its a personal choice.. I have no intention of cheating.. coz, who are you cheating.. not the CDC, but yourself,

you have to be determind, strong willed..

good luck with your weight loss



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3 stones in 5 weeks!! That's amazing!! Well done! That is how much I have left to lose now so I could potentially be slim by July! I'm not cheating either, I just want to get slim asap and then concentrate on maintaining. I'm lucky because I live alone so I literally have no food in the fridge to tempt me! x


a bit different everyday
I have been on the diet for 13 weeks, and have not cheated at all, have only ever had water and packs
i have read other peoples stories of how hard it is to get back on track so from day 1 decided i aint gonna go there

my cdc gave me a great piece of advice on week 1
'if you give 100% you will get 100% results back'

in 13 weeks i lost over 6 stones so it really is true!

good luck
nat x


a bit different everyday
ahh thanks cyellow
5 lbs this week totm though so not too bad!!

thanks for the compliment xxxx
how r u guys doing this week
all ok i hope xx


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
i`m on week 3 and so far still haven`t cheated
i wont lie when i say i have come very close to the point of nibbling then burst into tears
but my determination to be thin always out weighs my need for food

so just the 3 packs and water for me so far
i even sat with 1 slice of toast last night, it wsa by me for lamost half an hour and i kept looking at it and looking and looking
but slowly i said to myself why cheat, why let all those neagtive people say i told you so and grin at me as i fail
so i got up chucked it in the bin and shouted yes i can do this

as hard as it is it`s also simple, if you stick to it you will see results

good luck :D
I did cheat when I was on holiday- I had one meal of fish (but just plain fish, no sauce, no veg) and two slices of lamb on another night- again nothing else. But the big cheat was the slice of heavenly cream cake I had- it was a VERY special occasion, and I enjoyed it- but you know what- I didn't finish it and gave the last two bites to my finlaw to finish- so I took some positive from that- but the effect of this was that I only lost 2lbs that week instead of my usual 3.5, so it does have a very negatice effect. My advice, like everyone else- don't cheat! You will be so amazed and proud of yourself if you don't!


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G: 12st0lb
I went to visit my brother in hospital a few times since his accident and was intent on ssing, but I was so emotional I just wasnt in the right frame of mind.
Then once I had eaten I found it very hard hard to get back on track.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

On sole source your not allowed to eat at all and trust me its not good if you do either, as you feel hungrier all the time.

Personally, when i was on the diet, i lost 4st in 8weeks and didnt cheat once.

Now that im a CDC i do find that people who start the 2nd time around, do find it harder to get their mind focused on the diet, simply because they know that the diet works and if they dont do it properly today, they can do it tomorrow. YOu must of heard people saying that, been there, done that. but on SS its not like that.

As Natalie said before as well, if you give CD 100%, it will give you 100% results in return as well...


Good Luck
I haven't cheated so far and was going to cheat on my birthday in 4 weeks, but everyone on here convinced me not to!! So my lips are only open for Cambridge Products!

And Azar, 4 stone in 8 weeks is all the incentive I need not to cheat!

Well done dude!!!!!


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ive cheated 2 times (normally happens when im due on ) :break_diet:

thank goodness though i regained my willpower the next day and stuck to my sole source *phew*

was hard though


Trying Hard!
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I have cheated once with carbs and it was hell and I had a miserable 2 days afterwards. but since then if I treat myself, like when we are away or have a meal out as a special occasion, then it is within atkins type principles and I manage to stay in ketosis and it's cool that way.