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How many times?

Hi all, I just have 2 quick question!

I've done Cd now a few times but I always end up starting stopping starting stopping etc and I think there are a few people who go on Cd who have also done this!

My first question is...........

How many of you did it first time round and stuck to it losing all your weight?

My second.......

How many of you tried and tried and couldn't stick to it but then finally got it in your head and stuck to it and lost your weight after a battle?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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I'd be interested in answer to this too. I managed to stay on track for 8 days but have totally fell off the wagon now. Wish i'd stuck with it a little longer, unsure whether to try again my eating at present is out of control.

Insight from others would be good.
This is the first diet I've ever done!!! I started on the 15th February 2008 and to date I've lost over 5 stone! It's been a much slower journey than I thought originally, but I'm happy that the weight is off and staying off!!! My losses were 3lbs-2lbs per week with the odd 4lbs I stuck to it 100%!!! I'm now on the 810 plan and after a couple of STS the weight is shifting again. I don't think I'd of had the will power to stick to CD if I had a family to feed!!!


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Im 10 weeks into my first and last CD journey. Im planning on sticking to it until the end of the journey, which I hope will end this side of Christmas so I can start a new year with a new me.


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I lost 5 stone first time around then fell of the wagon put it back on and have had numerous attempts to get back but to no avail. The first time really is the golden time with cd im afraid. Good luck with your journey but for me its weightwatchers all the way!! Sarahxx.
It's true the longer you do it the easier it is cos of the ketosis you just don't feel hungry at all. But it's a pain when you get people saying that we'll put it all back on again, it can't be healthy, you need food etc........why can't people just sit back and mind their own sometimes? x
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I tried SS last year and cracked after day 3. Then I came back to vlcds in June this year because I found W8 which said you could lose as much weight (a stone a month) on a vlcd with food! I have lost nearly 2 stone now, and have now switched to CD to give me a change and a new found boost to stick at it until goal.

I am doing the 810 Plan. It's not SS yet, but I reckon sticking to 810 cals per day will put me on the right path. It is still tough. I still have to not think about food as the list to choose my one meal a day from is very restrictive but it is a good halfway house for me.

It is so easy to be swayed by others close to you but if you come on here you see living proof that vlcd work. They teach you to rethink how much you actually need to eat to lose weight and stay slim. Maintaining it is tough and it is really down to you and how much you want to stay slim.

I listened to those people who said they were bad and I was miserable for a whole year. I much happier now I am doing something about it.
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A friend of mine did Cambridge 3 times. First time she lost 55 lbs, but after she stopped, the weight started to creep on quite quickly. Then she lost 22 lbs and again she couldn't maintain her weight. Last time she lost 44 lbs and she has managed to keep it of and actually get thinner! She's quite skinny now.

She's the living proof it can be done, doing CD several times. But... the problem is not losing the pounds, it's keeping them off. CD is a wonderful way to lose weight fast, but you'll bounce back if you don't change your eating habits, just like with any other diet.
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CD is a wonderful way to lose weight fast, but you'll bounce back if you don't change your eating habits, just like with any other diet.
Couldn't agree with this more! I think anyone who puts the weight back on so much after losing on this diet, hasn't quite gotten their head to catch up as speedily, and they resort to all their old habits food-wise which led to them being overweight in the first instance...

I know we all want speedy weight losses as seen on CD but we so need to remember it's our responsibility to keep it off, there's no magic sachets for long term healthy eating ;) Personally I can't wait to get the weight off and then enjoy maintaining with swimming, gym sessions and walking... stuff I don't enjoy quite as much when I'm bigger...

I've done CD once before - didn't lose very much as had to stop for medical and personal reasons - but found that to be honest I don't think my head was in the right place back then anyways, even tho I came on here and saw all the wonderful inspirational people that have gone before me... Now tho, this restart has been easy, enjoyable, I'm excited everyday, and I just can't wait to get to goal... It's like a huge big switch has been flicked inside - it's not now a question of if I can do this or finding the willpower, I KNOW I can do this, I AM doing it and there's no arguments, from me or anyone! lol :D

So, second time round is def a charm for me!

Good Luck!!

tinks x


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hi ive had quite a few false starts with this diet but managing to stick to it give or take a couple of lettuce leaves here and there that seem to find there way in2 my mouth:eek:. im hoping im ova the worst BUT am not being 2 overconfident just in case.it is a difficuit diet 4 some. good luck x:)
I started last year for the first time, but had to come off it suddenly as had probs with my laser eye surgery (shouldnt have been on it when I had the surgery so when there was a problem I came off straight away). I think having to come off planned really ruined it for me and I piled it all on again. I am so much more serious about it this time. I have a planned break next week - it's been planned since I started and I know I really have to work hard to get back on it when I return but I will do it!

Totally agree with people's comments being so annoying! All the "you'll put it all on again, it's not safe, etc etc". Who do they think they are! It's none of their business!! You can gain weight with any diet. Our food habits will have to change if we want to maintain any weight lost, we all know that and I am very determined this time! x